Naomi With NEXA Announces Expansion Of Operations To More States In The USA

Naomi with NEXA has announced that she’s expanding her operations to other cities like TN, TX, CA, MD, VA, and FL.

Naomi with NEXA, the mortgage loan officer known for the best mortgage rates, is also offering her services to other states. People in TN, TX, CA, MD, VA, and FL can now benefit from Naomi’s expertise and experience.

“We can help clients, realtors, and attorneys close more deals and get more homes with less stress,” says Naomi about her guaranteed best mortgage rates service. “Not only can I provide 10x more options than a bank, but I can also ensure you have the information you need to get to the closing table. We collaborate with over 180 lenders and can provide over 1,800 types of loans.”

Naomi with NEXA is a Mortgage Loan Officer with a reputation for guaranteeing the best mortgage rates. Her specialties include Investment, First Time Homebuyer, Commercial, VA, FHA, Conv, DSCR, HELOC, Construction, Divorce, Doctor, Refinance, Renovation, and Foreign National loans.

Naomi with NEXA offers the whole range of services associated with the mortgage industry. These include:

  • Rate quotes
  • Home Value Estimator
  • Refinance Analysis
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Pre-Qualification Letter
  • Search Homes for Sale
  • Home Insurance Quotes

With interest rates rising daily, people are looking at a potential financial crisis. However, life cannot be put on hold. It has to continue regardless of the situation. The families in need of a home can look up to Naomi Walker for help.

“If you’re a doctor or getting divorced and need a loan, I can help. If your home is in need of repairs and you need to get help for renovations, I can help,” Naomi Walker says confidently.

Realtors across the country are working to secure clients and keep the real estate market moving forward.

When a realtor needs help getting a qualified buyer, just using bank offerings could stop that agent from completing a deal.

Partnering with Naomi with NEXA would allow realtors to offer their clients over 180 options to get qualified and get a loan.

Naomi can do the shopping for realtors’ clients and ensure she can get them into their new homes.

Naomi with NEXA can be the best option for someone shopping for the best rates, best prices, and top prospects on their behalf.

For more information, contact Naomi Walker at (772) 259-6882 or email [email protected]. You can visit for more details.

About Naomi with NEXA

Naomi is a senior loan officer at NEXA mortgage, the fastest-growing mortgage broker and the second largest mortgage broker in the country. The company operates in 48 states and will have a Pan-American presence by next year. Naomi’s expertise and experience will now be available to clients from TN, TX, CA, MD, VA, and FL. She is expanding her operations to these cities shortly.

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