COP27 Side Event on the theme of “Ecological Civilization and Tackling Climate Change” was held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

On the afternoon of November 12, 2022 (Egypt time), All-China Environment Federation (hereinafter referred to as ACEF) held a side event on the theme of “Ecological Civilization and Tackling Climate Change” in the Fourth Side Event Room(Khufu) of the 27th COP to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Dr. Lu Qiong of the Central Institute of Socialism, Director Yang Xiaohui of Fengtai District Education Commission of Beijing, Guan Jie, President of Beijing No.18 Middle School, Ma Yiyuan, student of Beijing No.18 High School, and representatives of industry organizations and enterprises focusing on ecological protection, sustainable energy, and plastic pollution control attended the meeting online and offline and shared their thoughts, aiming to better spread the concept of ecological civilization to the international community and promote the synergy between major environmental issues and addressing climate change. Li Ruidong, deputy secretary-general of ACEF, delivered the opening speech and the meeting was presided over by Ni Yao, deputy director of Department of International Cooperation of ACEF.

Mr. Li Ruidong said in his remarks that Nature provides the basic conditions for human survival and development. To make our home Earth more beautiful and harmonious, we must advocate the concept of ecological civilization, must remember to maintain harmony between humanity and nature when planning our development, and build a global community of shared future.  As a national environmental NGO in consultative status with UNEP and UNECOSOC, ACEF has adhered to the principle of “solidifying all kinds of Chinese strength for environmental protection” since its establishment, and has made great efforts to facilitate the development of environmental protection in terms of environmental rights protection, public welfare projects, international exchanges and cooperation, forum exhibitions, member services, environmental protection publicity and education, promotion and application of environmental protection technologies, and formulation of group standards. As such, it has been widely recognized by all sectors of society. He also called on all countries to fulfill their commitments and take actions to strengthen the global governance on climate change.

Dr. Lu Qiong said that ecological civilization represents the great vision of the Chinese people for sustainable development, and shares the same intrinsic significance as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Rather than a single goal or action, ecological civilization emphasizes the overall progress of multiple goals. China has always launched simultaneous efforts in poverty eradication, pollution control and fighting climate change, nature conservation and technological innovation. ecological civilization attaches great importance to the inheritance, exchange, study and innovation of ecological culture and ecological wisdom. China’s traditional ecological wisdom and the experience of other countries provide useful references for China’s modern practice. We look forward to a more beautiful China and a more harmonious and beautiful world.

Director Yang Xiaohui shared his thoughts on the ecological civilization education for teenagers from four aspects: school, family, social practice and ecological civilization culture atmosphere. He stated that ecological civilization education for teenagers is conducive to fostering green values of respecting, adapting to and protecting nature, and strengthening the inner drive of protecting the environment, and that the construction of ecological civilization is not only an important part of the fundamental task of educators to strengthen moral education and cultivate people, but also a fundamental, long-term and strategic project for the sustainable development of China and even the whole world. and promoting the spontaneous motivation of protecting the environment. Deeply understanding that ecological civilization construction is not only an important content for educators to implement the fundamental task of moral education, but also a basic, long-term and strategic project for national and global sustainable development. As the central urban area of the Chinese capital, Fengtai District of Beijing is guiding young people to enhance the awareness of ecological civilization and improve ecological civilization literacy with its own active efforts and continuous exploration.

Ma Yiyuan, student of Beijing No. 18 High School and youth representative of ACEF, read the Action Initiative “Ecological Civilization Supports Tackling Climate Change”. Based on the concept of ecological civilization and the background of the global climate crisis, the Action Initiative encourages all of us to act as role models in protecting Earth, practicing the ideas of ecological civilization, and participating in global environmental governance. Moreover, it calls on all parties to jointly take proactive measures on climate mitigation and adaptation, so as to systematically address the challenges posed by climate change.

In the second half of conference, Zhao Lu, founder of Ecobuyer, Deng Yuyao, head of Hydrogen Market and Business Development of LONGi , Gao Yang, deputy director of Green Recycled Plastics Supply Chain Joint Working Group (GRPG), Li Chong, deputy director of the Sustainable Consumption Promotion Department of China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA), shared their concrete cases about the synergy between ecological conservation, sustainable energy, plastic pollution, sustainable consumption and tackling climate change, which gave all the audiences online and on-site a new perspective for these important environmental issues.

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