’s AI Tool, created by a Former Agency Creative Director, can now Generate Creative Advertising Ideas.

The Artificial Intelligence tool at can now generate creative advertising ideas. This AI tool was created by a former agency creative director who has become the front-end Software Engineer at

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) is altering the way we live. AI is disrupting every industry in some way, from retail to healthcare, and advertising is no exception. The team over at uses an AI tool to help advertising creatives become unstuck and experiment with new creative directions. Aaron Adler developed Adler is a former agency Creative Director who is now a front-end Software Engineer and UX Designer. This AI tool generates creative advertising ideas.

“I created, which employs artificial intelligence to generate advertising concepts. All you need to do is type a brief and hit submit. An advertisement concept will be created for you. If you change your brief and hit submit, a new ad concept will be generated,” stated Aaron Adler,’s Software Engineer.

“Right now, you can choose between viral film and experiential activation. You can try different things in the brief section. The more detailed the brief, the better the output,” Adler adds.

According to research, advertising creatives in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago are paid $1000 to $2000 per day to develop creative ideas.’s artificial intelligence tool helps generate innovative ideas for advertising creatives. It is a concepts-on-demand tool for creatives and agencies. This tool is also based on a large language model trained on human-written creative advertising campaigns.  

AI is used in advertising to help create targeted ads by analyzing data about customers’ demographics, interests, and online behavior. AI can identify which ads are most likely to interest them. It helps the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by ensuring that the right people see the ads. 

One of the most critical aspects of the advertising industry is creativity. While AI has long been used in advertising, its role has been limited to targeted media and data analysis. However, as more powerful AI technologies become available, they are beginning to play a more significant role in the creative process.

The Daydrm AI tool has been designed with simplicity in mind for all advertising creative concepts. Once they are on the website, advertising creatives are only required to type in their inputs and hit the submit button. An ad concept is then generated. 

If they don’t like the results, they can click the submit button again. Even if the inputs remain unchanged, they will obtain different output results. Currently, creatives can only choose between “Viral film” and “Experiential activation.”

Aaron Adler has received positive reviews about the Daydrm app on his LinkedIn page. In response to Adler’s recent post, here’s an outstanding review from an advertising creative.

“Aaron Adler has created a mind-blowing tool.” The Daydrm AI tool is incredible. I entered a half-hearted brief, then chose “Viral Film,” submitted it, and 10 seconds later received a brief that exceeded my expectations. This AI tool is incredible and very helpful. Thank you, Aaron.”

Advertising creatives can also revise their text in’s website’s brief and emotional benefit. They can input their content and re-submit. They will be able to see how the output has changed over time. They can also experiment with their brief input until they achieve their desired output results.

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