Mr. Leang You Sophanna, Chairman of PHVCT to Set up Fund to Help Poor Students in Cambodia

Every year, many students drop out of school due to financial problems or other factors. Some students are forced to drop out of school to work to support their families. Some students are unable to continue their studies due to lack of funds. The problem is that the country is losing some scholars. Understanding these issues, PHVCT has been developing a fundraising project to help poor students.

Mr. Leang You Sophanna, Chairman of PHVCT Company, said: “Books, pencils, pens, and school uniforms are the most essential needs for underprivileged students and scholarships.”

This is to encourage students to continue learning to reduce ignorance in Cambodia, especially since he will bring the team directly to remote provinces. This is the 21st Century, and what we use every day is always in the new era, so ignorance should no longer be a problem for people if we donate to help them.

It is rare for the rich to drop out of school, only the poor drop out. It’s so nice and really good because, in the future, they are the pillars of our nation. Mr. Leang You Sophanna hopes that the students will continue to accept these items with pleasure. When he was young, it was very difficult for him to buy study materials, so he understood this problem.

The first province that PHVCT wants to visit to distribute study materials is Ratanakiri because that province is far from Phnom Penh and the province is full of mountains and far from the city. PHVCT hopes that dropout rates will decrease if we are aware of their shortcomings, especially since we would be very proud if good and genuine students come from these children or poor students. Please Rice people, please help promote the diamonds (Students) of our country, children and education are partners, please do not let children drop out of school. This was attended by Mr. Leang You Sophanna and if anyone wants to join or donate to the students, PHVCT accepts with satisfaction.

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