Local YouTuber Mr. Keo Samnang Uses Youtube Earnings To Give Back To Community

 Mr. Keo Samnang, also known as GoDa, made money from YouTube through his channel and donated it to charity by buying computers for small students in Kampong Cham province, Cambodia, for students to study.

He said that when he was young, if he had a computer to learn, he did not know how good it was, and if Younger students were able to write essays from an early age, they would be able to write essays as fast as experts, especially They will be able to find a way to make money online on their own.

The “Bak Tek Chit” singer added that he will be releasing new songs soon as well. Making money online as a blogger, YouTuber, Facebook ads break, or Gamer is really good because these jobs use the Brain for thinking about good content to make a video for posting to make money.

It’s great and really good for 3-year-olds and can also be done with their families. 3 years old and up, as we have seen, is an ABC Song music video. For a state that in order to make money for YouTube, there must be new videos that do not take from others, there must be 1000 subscribers and a total of 4,000 hours of viewers, and when they have all the requirements, they will have to ask YouTube Partner to get Monetization and once they are approved by youtube partner program they can start making ad revenue from every view on their Youtube channel,The ad revenue is collected in their AdSense account and once it reaches a certain threshold they are allowed to withdraw it in their personal bank accounts.

And for Facebook Ads-break, requires Page 10000 Followers and 600,000 minutes of video viewers equal to 10,000 hours to request Monetization from Facebook. Not sure if Facebook will accept or reject it. All videos and audio or music, both on YouTube and Facebook, are self-created. If the video and music are uploaded, they will be copyrighted and will be warned to lose the right to make money on the channel or page. So don’t make mistake like that. Video High-Quality Will Rank or Suggestion to many people.

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