Scoobie da Jeweler Adopts the ‘Mamba Mentality’ While Growing His Custom Jewelry Business Amidst Adversities

Scoobie da Jeweler Adopts the 'Mamba Mentality' While Growing His Custom Jewelry Business Amidst Adversities

Growth lies in uncomfortable situations, and Scoobie da Jeweler is a testament to that. Inspired by the late Kobe Bryant, the custom jeweler practices the Mamba mentality in his daily grind to leave his mark in the custom jewelry industry. With this, Scoobie da Jeweler was able to set the bar higher and paint a more positive picture of custom jewelers who do not operate in traditional storefronts but never fail to deliver the best custom pieces his clients could think of. 

Scoobie da Jeweler is a top-of-mind custom jeweler for many athletes, rappers, musicians, and A-listers aiming to express their unique personalities through the bling. Entering the industry when he was just 16 years old and being the catalyst who took his parents’ mom-and-pop jewelry shop to the digital space to survive the 2008 recession, Scoobie da Jeweler is truly a force to reckon with. 

On top of producing high-quality custom pieces for his clientele, Scoobie da Jeweler is known for his unmatched work ethic, working non-stop to exceed his client’s expectations, even under immense pressure and trying circumstances. 

“Like what the late Kobe Bryant said, ‘strive to be 1% better than yesterday.’ Put yourself in uncomfortable things and make sure to do the work. Without work, talent doesn’t mean anything,” Scoobie da Jeweler said. As Kobe Bryant did, the entrepreneur also focused on being a better version of himself than yesterday. He is also constantly building his fundamentals, from ensuring his clients get the information they need to the lengths he would go to deliver their custom pieces. In fact, Scoobie da Jeweler is currently serving clients across the country, delivering his custom jewelry personally to most of them either by taking the earliest plane flights or driving across states in his Tesla. 

Managing the business is indeed no walk in the park, but all the sacrifices paid off when he saw the satisfaction on his clients’ faces once they got their hands on their custom jewelry. “I like custom jewelry because you can activate a person’s emotions. You can activate a meaning behind every single thing that they do and put it into real life. Once you tap into the client’s emotions, doing it in an honest way, you can see the glow in their face when they receive the custom piece, and it’s a happy feeling,” he said. 

Scoobie da Jeweler also shared two books that inspire him to be the best–The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday and Relentless by Tim Grover. The first reshaped his perspective on his obstacles, such as conquering social media and finding clients. Instead of trying to overcome each obstacle, he learned to treat the obstacles as the path themselves leading him to success. Meanwhile, the second one taught him to sacrifice for what he wanted to become. He shared that he had to sacrifice many valuable things to get to where he is today, including time with his wife, family, and friends, and along the way, he said his wife made sacrifices too. 

When asked about his plans for the future, Scoobie da Jeweler shared that he’s in it to build generational wealth while simultaneously teaching his kids the value of hard work, emphasizing that nothing should ever be handed out to them for free. He also aims to take over his parents’ jewelry business and have them retire, living an active lifestyle and enjoying the fruits of their decades-worth of labor. 

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