Julian Lorenzana promotes her children’s book, Pet Cat on a Hunt; supported by Author’s Tranquility Press

Julian Lorenzana promotes her children's book, Pet Cat on a Hunt; supported by Author’s Tranquility Press
Inspirational teacher and author, Julian Lorenzana is promoting her children’s book, Pet Cat on a Hunt, a book that teaches the incredible feud and jealousy that occurs between pets.

A cat named Ginger preys upon two parakeets, whose cage sits atop a dresser, simply out of jealousy. She thinks the family is paying more attention to them than to her. Her chance to get even with the birds comes when she jumps on a chair leaning on the dresser, and takes a swipe at their cage, sending it crashing thunderously to the floor.

The noise brings Mrs. Guzmán, who threatens Ginger with sending her to the Animal Haven Home if she does it again. The feud continues until a strange turn of events occurs at the end of the story that surprises the pets as well as the Guzmán family. Read the story to find out how their feud turns out.

Pet Cat on a Hunt has elicited rave reviews from its readers. ”This book has a vast number of benefits to my kids, including many that confer lifelong rewards. The key messages Julian passed have began to shape the lives of my kids”, declared an excited parent.

About the Author

Julian Lorenzana was born in Mexico but came to the U.S. in l945 illegally. He became a legal citizen in 1955. After serving two years in the army, he went on to San Diego State University, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies and a Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education. He taught elementary school grades 5th through 8th for 34 years and subbed in Kinder through 4th grades for six years. He also took a course in Children’s Literature and wrote three short stories.

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