Fitvisory Presents an Early Retirement Plan through Passive Income Generation

This cryptocurrency coaching academy transforms the lives of personal trainers to take more control over their time and finances with Miyagi Crypto Academy.

Due to the nature of most jobs today, individuals do not usually get to enjoy the money they earn. They spend a lot of hours working without being present when they’re supposed to connect with their families and friends.

Fitvisory, a cryptocurrency coaching academy, finds creating a passive source of income as the solution to this problem. Through its Miyagi Crypto Academy, personal trainers will learn how to turn small crypto investments into profitable gains.

The Academy is a three-series fundamental course that prepares trainers to be financially independent – enabling them to own their time. “Fitvisory is here to re-energize your spirits and dig you out of the lull,” said CEO Marcus Marion. He envisions personal trainers retiring early through the help of crypto coaching. While understanding cryptocurrency may be intimidating for some, Fitvisory ensures that its materials are comprehensive enough to guide aspiring coaches.

Building generational wealth and taking financial control are also the objectives of the course. Marcus highlights that starting the organization is not mainly for getting rich, but regaining the time one needs to spend with their loved ones. Today, he encourages trainers to realize their personal reasons why they should pursue this path and ultimately find fulfillment in doing so.

Several students worldwide share their testimonies on how Fitvisory has changed the course of their lives. To see them and better understand what the course is all about, visit now.

About Fitvisory

Based in Frisco, Texas, Fitvisory offers an unconventional retirement plan through crypto coaching that can make personal trainers become their own bosses.

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