StudioSuits Releases Their Brand New, Stunning Harris Tweed Collection

Custom suit company StudioSuits is releasing yet another impeccable line with their Harris Tweed Collection. The line came out with 40 different designs, offering numerous ways to style and wear the new material.

Harris Tweed is a well-known fabric in the history of Northern coastal Scotland. The Harris and Lewis Island inhabitants began weaving this tweed fabric as a way to combat the cold weather of their daily lives. The wool fabric quickly gained popularity for its beauty and durability. Many began to use it as a form of currency, trading it for other necessities. 

To this day, Harris Tweed is made on the Harris and Lewis Islands in the same traditional way it has been made for years. Many consider this stunning textile to be the most coveted wool in the world. Its popularity hasn’t dwindled but rather continues to grow. 

Men’s custom suit brand StudioSuits has released an extensive line of suit offerings, all utilizing the Harris Tweed wool that so many love. 


StudioSuits is a men’s suit brand that is dedicated to providing custom-tailored suits, utilizing traditional hand techniques of tailoring and creating each piece. Master craftsmen are involved in every step of the suit process, from original design to customizing the size for each client. 

StudioSuits has a suit for every man and every occasion. From the perfect date night look to a professional, everyday suit for work, they’ve got it covered. Utilizing only the best materials, StudioSuits offers standard sizing and custom tailored to fit any needs. 

The new Harris Tweed line

StudioSuits has added yet another fine fabric to the shop with the Harris Tweed line. Harris Tweed is an iconic and coveted wool textile that can be fitted to any suit needs. The materials for these suit pieces are sourced directly from Scotland, ensuring they are the highest quality and most authentic woven wool that can be purchased. 

The popularity of Harris Tweed is rising yet again, and StudioSuits is at the forefront of this movement with 40 different suit pieces in this material. They purchase their Harris Tweed from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland for their master craftsmen to design and use for the brand-new suit line. 

The Harris Tweed line has a wide variety of colors, from dark greens and blues to different shades of brown and gray, along with the standard black. The patterns also range from salt and pepper speckled to the well-known herringbone style. 

There are even stunning tartan options that truly bring forward the Scottish feel of the material they’re made from. Both pants and suits coats are available to mix and match for the ideal Harris Tweed combination. 


StudioSuits has been providing top-quality suits for men for a long time, and they’ve added the classic and stunning Harris Tweed to their already extensive line. With custom and standard sizing available and any color and pattern combination one could wish for, the perfect suit is ready and waiting to be purchased.  

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