Rintuf Electric Fireplace Heater: 2022 Black Friday Buying Guide

The 2022 winter holidays are coming, and as usual, most online e-commerce platforms will offer plenty of deals for most of their products. It is the best time to shop around for the products people would like to have for themselves or give to others. 

An electric fireplace will be a perfect winter gift idea people can consider giving to family and friends during Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year holidays. It is an essential home appliance to help keep house warm during the winter. Rintuf from Kismile is the brand of choice when people plan to buy a top-quality electric fireplace as a holiday gift in 2022.

About Kismile 

Kismile is a company that has been producing various home essential products, such as electric fireplace, freezer, air conditioner, ice maker, water cooler, and more, for decades. The company started as a water supply factory in the 1960s, before it expanded to produce various home essential products today.

Kismile has a primary office in California (United States) and a factory in Zhejiang Province, China. In 2022, the company has over 1000 employees, and it has released various home essential products under different brand names.

Rintuf Electric Fireplace Heater with 3D Flame Effect (Gray)

Link: https://amzn.to/3USvkk1

This electric fireplace heater from Rintuf can provide you with the best warmth during the cold winter, complete with 3D flame effect decorations. With this electric fireplace heater, you can enjoy the 5100 BTU heating capacity, which can cover a wide 800 square feet space in your home. You can also use this heater indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs.



  • 3D flame effect decorations. The good thing about this Rintuf electric fireplace heater is that it offers 3D flame effect decorations to make it look much more appealing when you put it as furniture around the house. You can change various aspects of the 3D flame decorations, such as color, speed, and brightness.

  • Big heating capacity. You can use this electric fireplace heater to warm a wide 800 square feet space, meaning that you don’t need to get close to the heater just to feel the warmth. It has a 5100 BTU heating capacity, which will keep your house warm during the winter.

  • Effective heat dissipation. This electric fireplace has an effective heat dissipation, with the air outlet placed on top of the heater. It allows better spread of the heat for the entire room.

  • Simple to use. You can use this heater with no hassles. There’s a remote control and the control panel that allows you to adjust various configurations for this heater. 


Note: This version comes with a gray color for its body.

Rintuf Electric Fireplace Heater with 3D Flame Effect (Black)

Link: https://amzn.to/3URGllz

This is another alternative version of the Rintuf electric fireplace heater. It comes with the color black, which can give elegance to your room. It still has the same features as the blue and gray color version.



Rintuf electric fireplace heater is one of the best choices you can get for Black Friday and Christmas holidays in 2022. You can pick your favorite color for the fireplace heater or pick the person’s favorite color if you plan to have this product as a holiday gift.

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