Linda D. Fortner Touches Hearts in My Devotions and Poems Just for You in Collaboration with Author’s Tranquility Press

Linda D. Fortner Touches Hearts in My Devotions and Poems Just for You in Collaboration with Author’s Tranquility Press
Inspirational writer, Linda D. Fortner, gets support from Author’s Tranquility Press, a popular media and publicity agency, to promote her collection of poems and devotions titled “My Devotions and Poems Just for You”

Linda D. Fortner looks set to touch more lives in different parts of the world as her book My Devotions and Poems Just for You, is picked up by Author’s Tranquility Press. The book contains short poems and devotions, as the author digs into her life experiences and happenings around her to create a piece that will inspire readers across age groups in different parts of the world.

“The purpose in writing this book has been to make life easier for you. If you need a short devotion or poem that will touch your heart or someone else’s, this is the book for you.” – Linda D. Fortner.

Linda’s effort is laudable and particularly timely, especially as the world needs all the encouragement it can get, no thanks to the increasing level of uncertainty due to human and natural occurrences. The conciseness of the book, saving readers the stress that comes with long pieces that tend to easily bore people, is another fascinating feature of My Devotions and Poems Just for You.

My Devotions and Poems Just for You is available in kindle, paperback, and hardcover formats on Amazon and other similar platforms for readers worldwide.

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About Linda D. Fortner

Linda D. Fortner is an author that aims to touch the hearts of her readers through relatable, inspirational pieces. The retired Medical Assistant is a mother of three with eight grandchildren. She attended Chattanooga State for her writing instruction in children’s literature. She has been writing for more than two decades, winning numerous awards for her poetry.

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