Pete Seiler launches his book, Vietnam 1972: A Time Best Forgotten, published by Author’s Tranquility Press

Pete Seiler launches his book, Vietnam 1972: A Time Best Forgotten, published by Author's Tranquility Press
War veteran and author, Pete Seiler launches his book, Vietnam 1972: A Time Best Forgotten, a walk back Memory Lane on the horrors of war from the author’s perspective.

A Time Best Forgotten is a glimpse at several days of war Pete Seiler experienced 40-years ago during three combat tours while flying missions over Vietnam. In war, there are few Hollywood heroes, only scared men and women on both sides of the conflict, trying to do their job to the best of their ability under extremely difficult circumstances.

The book gives an accurate depiction of how each combatant feels they are in the right and fighting for their family, their country and perhaps God. Each participant in a war, any war, views his or her experience from a highly personal perspective. This perspective is influenced not only by the specific event(s) he or she experienced, but also by where and how they each fought.

The rifleman on the ground sees his/her experience in a completely different context from that of the sailor or flier. Ground, sea and air each present their own unique challenges, weapon systems and experiences. Some fight and die bearded and dirty, while others face death shaven and clean.

Speaking about the book, Pete Seiler said: ”Time has dulled my memory of some aspects of the following days, so I have improvised slightly, especially with dialog. I am sure everyone has one or two days in their life that they would like to forget; mortal combat presents many such days. The following is a snap shot of two such days in my life. Except for a few first names and one or two I have substituted; the events are a reasonably accurate reflection of my Days Best Forgotten.”

Vietnam 1972: A Time Best Forgotten was published and marketed by Author’s Tranquility Press, the best marketing tool for new and established authors, serving as the authors’ ultimate book publicity.

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