California Metropolitan to utilize Virtual Reality Learning for Soft Skills Development for Students

The new technology offers CMU students the opportunity to participate in innovative learning to practice what they will do in the workplace before stepping into the real world.

California Metropolitan University (CMU) today announced the integration of virtual reality learning for soft skills training and development for their students. The practice-based learning program will provide students with autonomous real-life communication training in a fun and engaging fashion.

“Technology has been at the forefront of our school from the beginning, and this is the next step in utilizing the next phase of it to provide a more innovative learning experience for our students,” CMU Founder and President Sailesraj Bala Murali said. “This new tool at our disposal will enable our students to enhance their communication and other soft skills through virtual reality and give them feedback in real-time on real-world situations.”

Through virtual reality training, students can focus on personal development and transformation. Virtual reality learning drives engagement and retention through fun, immersive activities. The simulators provide students with active practice opportunities that reflect realistic workplace contexts, while the program provides feedback in real-time using automated behavioral data. Finally, since each experience is unique, teachers can use their students’ training in peer discussion and group learning.

CMU will begin to roll out virtual reality headsets in November 2023 at their learning hubs in Bangkok, Thailand, and Athens, Greece. Students visiting these global learning hubs for training and workshops will access the new VR soft skills technology. More information will be released on all communication channels.

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California Metropolitan University (CMU) is exempted by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), California, under CEC 94874 (b) (1). California Metropolitan University (CMU) is a professional learning institution that offers workplace-related educational and training courses to members of the sponsoring organization.

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