A Reputable Nigerian Bags Angel Humanitarian Award In The United States

Hollywood African Prestigious Award on October 30 2022 awarded Kayode Michael Arimoro with the Angel Humanitarian Award.

It is worth mentioning that many hardworking Nigerians make the headlines for exceptionally good reasons.

Kayode Michael Arimoro a believer of human is same everywhere irrespective of geography, religion or color. He founded the Kayode Michael Arimoro Foundation: a Non governmental organization who believes all human MUST live above a globally acceptable sustainable Human Existence Index.

This foundation has in the last two years donated e-libraries to Three schools in Nigeria namely: Therbow School Zaria, kaduna State, Mustapha College Kontagora, Niger State and Ilesha Grammer School Osun State.

According to Kayode Michael Arimoro, he attributed this gesture to a personal belief that reading is the fastest way to travel the world and travelling the world broadens ones horizons.

His Foundation also collaborated with the Macjoe’s Foundation to distribute Hundreds of school uniforms to children in Abuja, Nigeria.

This exceptional philanthropist prides himself with being an astute human developer who has channeled the strength of many young people positively by creating jobs in Nigeria, United States and China.

He Founded Sustainable National Movement and Sustainable National Party in Nigeria to bring youths closer to governance through sustainable Nation building ideologies.

He received the International Peace Ambassador Award in 2014 and was a recipient of the highly coveted Kwame Nkruma Leadership Award in 2016 due to his roles in independently negotiating peace and empowering students.

He hold Diploma, Undergraduate and Post graduate degrees in many courses ranging from Microbiology, computer Science,  Psychology ,MBA Leeadership and Sustainability, Cyber Security and Dev-Ops Engineering with trainings from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Business School, Metropolitan University and University of Cumbria, UK.

He is an Exciting, liberal-minded human of all colors, religions and nationalities who Authored the book titled The world in my eyes.

In this book he mentioned his quotes which read “ beyond a finish line, impediments become history. Then comes another line to finish. Without these lines, life is worthless; these lines full of impediments.” Kayode Michael Arimoro

In terms of making the world a better place, he also mentioned in his book that “We all have certain roles to play when it comes to what we want the world to look and feel like. The need to understand that we are responsible for what the world is today can not be overemphasized. We are either living in it carelessly, scheming and orchestrating conflicts that will last many generations, or transferring in our young ones, hatred and discussions about others which they, moving forward will transfer to theirs”.

He continued by saying “there is always a price to pay for action or inaction. We obviously are further divided intra and internationally. We have created stratifications in the human race with our skin colors. We are divided in and between religions, ethnicity, race, social status, political parties and styles of governance. We have placed more emphasis on how much money we make rather than finding the balance between being wealthy and bringing up offspring to be responsible enough to make the world a better place.

Another quote by this rare gem which I fund touching is “Most of the books that are being used to govern and/ or guide us today were not thrown down from heavens. They were written by people like you and I thousands of years ago. Why not take a moment to write yours now? Starting with how well you love and respect people around you.”

Social media has helped in growing this philosophy which kayode is building upon. He is currently being followed by over 50k people on instagram.

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