Tamanneftegas Hosts Groundbreaking Incident Investigation Seminar

Tamanneftegas has conducted a special seminar for professionals on the topic of incident investigation. The top management and line employees of the Tamanneftegas terminal attended the event and were given exhaustive explanations on services and procedures mandatory for ensuring labor protection and safety from both industrial and environmental standpoints.

One of the main points of focus during the seminar was investigation of the causes of incidents and the measures necessary for preventing them. The given direction is of special importance for the company, which is responsible for major operations in the Port of Taman and adjacent territories. By modeling events and routine procedures with possible deviations from norms, the participants of the seminar banded into groups and updated their knowledge with the latest in world practices on multiple related topics.

Effective methods of incident investigation were in focus during the event, including timelines for modeling the sequence of events. Other advanced techniques discussed included those developed by such world-renowned specialists as Sakichi Toyoda, whose groundbreaking research into lean manufacturing processes has paved the way to identifying cause-and-effect relationships constituting specific problems, allowing their elimination at the initiation stage. 

Forming a conscious approach to preventing incidents and developing safety as a mindset among employees is one of the key reasons why Tamanneftegas conducts similar seminars on an ongoing basis. The 2022 charter of the company on safety places specific emphasis on accident prevention at the workplace and in surrounding areas. The charter has also provided a new routine approach to any production meeting, which has to start from a discussion on possible hazards and incidents that can potentially harm the process.

Michel Litvak billionaire, the founder and main investor of the Port of Taman, has always placed specific emphasis on safety and the quality of life and health for the facility’s employees, as well as surrounding communities. The company routinely conducts training drills and exercises for all levels of employees, making sure that their skills and knowledge are always up to date and relevant to be applied at the workplace.

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