RockDreamer Music Products Debuts the RockDreamer GuitarBar That Lets Anyone Play Guitar

Premium guitar-assist device for non-guitarists to quickly start playing guitar

FEBRUARY 6, 2023 – Aurelio Sablone is the CEO and Founder of RockDreamer Music Products, a startup based in Markham, Ontario, Canada, and he has announced that he will soon be launching his first product venture, the RockDreamer GuitarBar, a bar-like device with buttons which straps onto the neck of a standard acoustic or electric guitar and allows any non-guitarist to quickly start playing guitar.

Sablone says that he has always wanted to play guitar, but like many others, the pain of the strings cutting his fingers caused him to give up ever being able to play. Until one day back in August 2011 when he was planning to teach kids about playing instruments. He looked at his accordion, which he played, and an old acoustic guitar that he had, and he wondered aloud, “if only they made a device for the guitar that had buttons on it like the accordion, so that I could play the chords”.

That idea sparked his passion to one day make such a device – not just for himself, but also for the millions of other non-guitarists who secretly dream of being a guitar-playing rock star.

Never having designed a physical product before, Sablone searched for others who could help him realize his dream. Unfortunately, that turned out to be more difficult than he thought. After spending over $60,000 on two different product design companies who failed to realize his vision, he was close to giving up. But with the encouragement and inspiration of his financial partner, Yatin Ghanwat, Sablone resolved to try once more.

This time, he decided to not approach another product design company until he could first build a prototype to prove his design would work.

After months of effort, Sablone constructed a crude but working prototype out of small strips of wood, springs, cardboard and glue. Then he searched across Canada for a product design company who could realize his vision, and he knew that he had found the right company when 3 of their 4 designers played guitar and even had guitars in their studio.

Several more years and prototypes later, Sablone is now preparing to launch RockDreamer GuitarBar via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo later this year. More information can be found at

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