Bloody Love By Miguel Gonzalez – A story drenched in love, heartbreak and secrets

Are you someone who craves to read a story about love and vampires? Everyone loves unique and exceptional stories related to love, betrayal and vampires. Bloody Love: Arminalef by Miguel Gonzalez Navarro is a story that will keep you hooked until the end.

The story begins as he wakes up, completely naked, trying to remember important details of his life, who he was, where he was, or how he had gotten here. He felt weakness and a severe headache that you normally get after too much sleep. He put his hand to his neck and felt pain as he swallowed; his throat was parched.

He could only remember the odd sensation that could be the result of a strong discomfort from drinking too much the night before. He was slowly returning to his senses, trying to remember small details about himself and the things around him. However, a strong haze covered his thoughts; he felt it so stuck to the cortex of his brain that it gave him the sensation that it hindered his every moment.

A long pause made him get back to consciousness. Bloody Love is a story about Nicolas, a writer who is unable to remember anything as he wakes up in his house of Valeria. Valeria is the love of his life, a young and rich woman. The ideal dream of Nicolas is shattered after a month when he is unable to remember his true identity. It took only thirty days to change his life forever when he discovered a secret about Valeria.

The relationship between Nicolas and Valeria is jeopardized by the existence of Asbel, a millenary vampire who stalks Valeria and is on a mission to destroy them. It is an amazing book that will leave readers curious and in awe of the precious bond Nicolas and Valeria share.

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