Save and not splurge; Passion for Fashion, an online platform allows consumers to make smart choices by offering clothes on rental.

Passion for Fashion is a sustainable platform allowing consumers to make smart budgetary choices when it comes to fashion by offering clothes for rental.

Make sustainable and ethical fashion choices for the sake of the planet 

Ekaterina, founder and CEO of Passion for Fashion, has been a fashion enthusiast all her life. However, growing up, as she came to terms with the impacts of fast fashion on the planet, it instilled in Ekaterina the desire to do better. She created the Passion for Fashion platform to contribute to the sustainable fashion movement. 

“I used to be in love with the idea of fashion and changing trends, I regularly shopped at fast-fashion brands but as I grew more aware of the implications of the textile industry on the planet, I wanted to focus on making more sustainable fashion choices. Thus I came up with Passion for Fashion; an online rental clothing service that is committed to promoting a carbon-neutral fashion industry.” 

The Passion for Fashion Way 

Passion for Fashion currently offers two options for hiring; the standard option for four days and the extended hire option for eight days. The return process has also been made easy; repack the outfit in the pre-addressed post-bag that arrives with the hire.

Passion for Fashion offers free express shipping throughout Australia, with the option for try-on available at no hidden costs. Customers can also book a dress in advance through the booking request feature available on their website. 


Ekaterina has started the Passion for Fashion platform to promote sustainability and ethical fashion. She believes that renting clothes not only helps reduce the negative impact of the textile industry on the planet but also helps people make smart budgetary decisions. The company has made it quite hassle-free for the customers to rent an expensive dress for a night, so that they don’t have to splurge.

For more details or inquiries, Passion for Fashion can be contacted via the details provided below. 

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