Sam McQuade, Fractional CFO of Panterra Finance Challenges the Challenges of Business

Flips the Switch from the Business Running Your Life to You Running the Business.

Sam McQuade, Fractional CFO of Panterra Finance, successfully implements an innovative fractional approach to key personnel in the freelance and gig era. In the new economy of scale, the face of the C-suite is being changed by the innovative concepts of Sam McQuade, Fractional CFO of Panterra Finance. The fractional CFO and Interim CFO concept and implementation is a 21st-century innovation recalibrating the scales for freelancers and gig professionals in the executive suite. 

As a leading innovator in the new economy of scale shaking up the face of the C-Suite model, Sam McQuade, Fractional CFO of Panterra Finance, is asking, “are you running the business, or is the business running you?” 

Entrepreneurs, by the tens of thousands, build businesses and enterprises that on the surface, appear to be successful. Just beneath the surface, the founders, entrepreneurs, mavericks, and leaders of Small and Medium Sized businesses (SMBs) and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are trapped in a maze of wasted time. The success of the SMB or SME begins to dictate the terms of leadership rather than the other way around.

Sam McQuade, Fractional CFO of Panterra Finance, Puts You Back in the Drivers’ Seat of Your Business.

Taking another giant leap in disrupting antiquated measures of success for business and enterprise leadership, Sam McQuade, Fractional CFO of Panterra Finance, helps you introduce the implementation of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®).

Stop the endless meetings, uncertain team member goals and responsibilities, and the circular firing squad methods of solving problems. EOS® aims at the cost and time-saving business optimization concepts that put SMB and SME leaders back in the driver’s seat. When a business takes over the person, the route becomes circuitous, not a direct path from point A to Point B.

Sam McQuade, Fractional CFO of Panterra Finance, believes that EOS® is a 21st-century tool. “EOS® is a concept-driven set of practical business tools to stop the business from running your life and get you back to running the business while enjoying your life.” relates Mr. McQuade. He continues, “Business and enterprise founders are a rare breed of forward-thinking leadership mavericks who are determined to set their own course in life. When they start their small business or enterprise, growth, prosperity, and success are the goals. The road to success gets lost along the way and the glare of the horizon obscures the path. I am offering a solution with EOS®.” 

The Benefits of Entrepreneurial Operating Systems (EOS®) : 

The EOS® provides three business essentials to help every founder, leader, or entrepreneur regardless of the service or product of the SMB or SME. 

EOS® ends the treadmill, helps avoid burnout caused by lack of accomplishments, and refocuses the challenges on the road to running a business. EOS® puts you in charge of the leadership team and puts the leadership in sync with you. The essentials of EOS® begin with the following:

1. Vision – In the beginning, there was a clear, concise vision. Growth, prosperity, and an encumbered bureaucracy or company culture obscured the vision. EOS® aims to restate the vision and put the entire leadership team on the same path with a determined focus.

2. TRACTION® – Focus, discipline and accountability are the everyday keys that unlock the doors of a company vision.

3. Healthy – A leadership team that is cohesive, functional, focused, and determined keeps the company healthy and on an executable path.

Sam McQuade, Fractional CFO of Panterra Finance, who offers an innovative executive suite model with Fractional CFO services, can help co-lead your EOS implementation. 

He can flip the switch from the business running YOUR life to YOU running the business once again. The EOS® implementation includes a guided functional all-in-one plan to cut out the maze of time wasted efforts. It includes:

– Vision:  The right questions to share.

– Data: Measurable scorecard of goals and achievements.

– Process: Documented and actionable. 

– Traction:  Substantive meetings with solid outcomes. 

– Issues:  Provides viable meeting agendas to avoid wasted time.

– People:  Assigns and holds accountable the right people.

Sam McQuade, Fractional CFO of Panterra Finance, introduces Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) as another tool in the evolution of 21st-century business models. He wants you to ask yourself, “Are you running your business, or is it running you?”

Decades of Business and Enterprise Experience : 

Sam McQuade, CEO of Panterra Finance, has spent time in the executive suites of Fortune 500 public companies Stryker, Dell & Travelers, along with more than 500 global private equity-owned businesses across 80 countries. Sam has led and/or supported 40 M&A deals across many industries, including medical devices, technology, energy, financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, and biotech.  

Mr. McQuade is an entrepreneur focused on reshaping the principles of business development and execution in a new era. 

To learn more visit:, or contact Sam McQade at [email protected]

About Panterra Finance:  

Headquartered in New York, New York, with activities around the world, Panterra Finance provides Cash Flow Forecasts, Financial Models, and part-time CFO services. Innovative planners of strategic financial initiatives and corporate projects with DeFi, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto, Tokenization, ICO, IDO, and STO services. Sam McQuade, Fractional CFO of Panterra Finance, is an EOS Implementer® disrupting traditional business trajectories in the 21st-century gig and freelance era.  

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