Scott Goobie Announcing His New Book FemSTEM

Aspiring author and advocate for women in STEM*, Scott Goobie, is excited to announce the launch of FemSTEM. The book launch ahead of International Women’s Day (March 8, 2023) is a significant milestone for the advancement of women in STEM.  There are many books and records of the remarkable achievements of women in STEM, but none until FemSTEM that provide a clear roadmap.

The book provides clarity and guidance for men and women who are seeking to address many of humanity’s most challenging problems and issues via FemSTEM.  FemSTEM provides a clear path for an essential increase in the number of women who freely choose to pursue a STEM education and profession.  

The expansion of FemSTEM will ensue once increased freedoms, removal of barriers, and more opportunities are provided in a meaningful way.  The medium to long-term FemSTEM outcome is an important imperative for humanity as it precedes, from a technical perspective, towards the resolution of our most pressing issues and attainment of Global Sustainable Development Goals.

This is not a political imperative or a question of the left/right divide in the West.  This is the opening of the full potential of our broad STEM trajectory which influences every aspect of our future, particularly as the inherent power of modern technology is growing at a constantly accelerating pace.

Scott has more than 30 years of experience in product development.  He is an SME of Aviation Sustainability and Aircraft Design and played a key technical role in a recent international Aviation Commitment to Climate Change.  

*Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Scott is a member of several International Aviation working groups, a member of the US and European Led General Aviation ( Environmental Committee, a new chair of a Canadian Aerospace ( Sustainability committee, and currently studying post-graduate Climate Science at a high-ranking Canadian University (

Scott has led the development of several aircraft, one of which won a Top-Flight Award from Aviation International News as the best new aircraft of 2020. He has led various IDTs (Integrated Development Teams) and held a variety of engineering technology and management roles spanning 3 decades. 

The book FemSTEM is available now on all major publishing platforms including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kindle.

To get more information from the author, email [[email protected]] or call [647 545 1385].

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