Capucia Publishing Announces Their Latest Release, Becoming A Widow

Capucia Publishing Announces Their Latest Release, Becoming A Widow

Becoming a Widow, the latest release by author Kimbeth Wehril Judge and publisher Caupucia Publishing
Ten Candid Perspectives on Marriage and Widowhood

February 8, 2023 – Capucia Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Becoming A Widow – An Anthology of Journeys from Two to One, exploring how women overcome the grief of losing their spouse, compiled by author and widow, Kimbeth Wehrli Judge.

Becoming A Widow is a collection of ten women’s journeys as they navigate their transition from two to one. What began as one woman’s struggle to understand her widow grief became an assortment of comparisons. She is joined by nine other widows, who, through their own stories, have bonded via empathy and by the curiosity about how each has handled their loss to successfully navigate the art of living alone gracefully.

“The widows’ timelines vary,” says the author, Kimbeth Wehrli Judge. “Some write from the perspective of years gone by while others are barely three years into widowhood. Some frankly describe unpleasant marital situations as a means of calming themselves from the heartbreak of missing their mates, intent on not glorifying their marital past, but instead replacing sadness with the positive intentionality of openly embracing future choices.”

“Each widow offers her personal views on moving past grief, forward into enduring modern day life despite world chaos and political unease,” she continues. “These widows have filled this book with relatable stories — both sad and happy — the same and yet as unique as any life lived.”

Released by Capucia Publishing, Becoming A Widow – An Anthology of Journeys from Two to One is an anthology of ten female writers’ explorations navigating Life as a widow and is available at

Kimbeth Wehrli Judge found herself widowed after fifty-two years as a stay-at-home mother of three and wife of one. She continues the challenge of restructuring her solitary self, balancing the isolation of writing with frequent gatherings of loving family and friends. Judge is the author of two fiction books, The Flip Side and Mothers and Others as well as the anthology, Becoming a Widow. For more information:

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