Young Nigerian Social Media Expert And Digital Marketer Moved From Nigeria, West Africa To Asia Currently Making The Rounds

Changing the narrative of social media marketing in Nigeria and Africa.

Young Nigeria’s fastest-growing Social media Marketer, Iberedem Malachy Okon (Bigbrofullcurrent), Iberedem has proudly mentored over 350 Small Medium Businesses in Nigeria before moving to India in Asia to to further his career and studies.

Iberedem Malachy is a graduate of Theatre and Media studies University of Calabar, currently studying Digital Film making in Jain University in India. In 2019 Iberedem Malachy got recognized by Coca-cola brand. Ever since then Iberedem Malachy through a Blogger Has good association with most Nigerian celebrities locally and internationally and has continued to make the rounds both online and offline.

On the successful completion of his brand #Bigbrofullcurrent Media, which so far has been promoted on different print medias in Nigeria which has and increased Bigbrofullcurrent fanbase. He has been awarded and lots of businesses he has helped can attest to the fact that he is result oriented. He also organized a one-on-one Master classes he teaches business owners how to navigate social media and build a good presence for their businesses while connecting with their client to close communication gap. He has not stopped traveling around the country, making massive impacts with his marketing prowess and leaving Business owners awestruck!

Iberedem Malachy is the epitome of excellence when it comes to Social media Marketing and Digital marketing in Nigeria. He is a talented young man who started off as a Blogger in 2014.

Iberedem Malachy is a perfectionist per excellent because he knows his onions so well that he gives result when given similar task. Also, this is very visible when he is teaching his social Media master class. Iberedem in an interview severally has mentioned that he looks up to Dan Lok who doubles as his role model, Neal Schaffer, Gary Vaynerchuk who  are among the industry leaders so far Social Media influencing is concern. Iberedem Malachy was Born on September 18, 1992,

Iberedem Malachy  has continued to improve his Digital and marketing skills to promote his brand. Currently, he is the Chief Director of Bigbrofullcurrent Media with a branch in Lagos State and Abuja Fct Nigeria. As a fast-rising Social media Marketer he is estimated to be worth $62,000 – $85,000 (USD).

Just like everyone has a starting point for their career progress, Iberedem Malachy Okon has a fascinating one. Born and raised in Cross River State. He was exposed to art by his Dad early enough being a Theatre practitioner as he later enrolled in same discipliine, which he bagged a Diploma. In his University days he was a Props and set Designer which he won roles in top productions in the prestigious University of Calabar 2013 – 2015 and the further for a Degree in same Department in 2016 – 2018. At  some point in his life, he got tired of School productions and thereafter ventured into working with Carnival Calabar which he worked as a creative designer for Passion 4 band for some years untill he traveled out of Nigeria.

Before leaving Nigeria Iberedem had already began researching and exposing himself to Art and solving societal problems hence be birthed Bigbrofullcurrent Media which initially started as a company that manages actors and a full production house. Which later sprung into a marketing firm where businesees can rely on for promotions and publications etc. That’s not too far from tbeatre. While in School Iberedem Malachy was the Director of Information Faculty of Arts 2017 – 2018 during Godspower Osahaka’s Led exco as at the time. He kept on improving himself and his skill which made him became popular among Unical students and even people outside the campus.

“Social media has Immensely contributed to the growth of Iberedem Malachy in the Digital Marketing industry, in terms of content distribution and building his fanbase. He currently boasts of over 100k followers on Instagram. Due to the success of his wide range success story on media and testimony of his students participations on his master class, Iberedem Malachy has received 17 Awards as an Entrepreneur Students while in school, and over 32 Leadership career awards and recognition outside University terrene.

Some in Abuja while others in Calabar.

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