Jacque Johnson Launches Hot Tub Academy: An Online Course For 7.5 Million US Hot Tub Owners

Jacque The Hot Tub Lady has been a pioneering figure in the hot tub industry since 2003, rising from relative obscurity to becoming an international success. With nothing but sheer hard work, dedication and determination, she has gained invaluable knowledge of the industry over the years. In 2020, due to the pandemic, there was an unprecedented surge in hot tub sales and Jacque realized that there were not enough resources to adequately support all of these new hot tub owners.

As such, she decided to take action and created a Youtube™ channel with several viral videos which resulted in a deluge of inquiries and questions needing answers. This led her to create the popular “Tub Talk With The Hot Tub Lady” podcast, which now boasts more than 7,000 downloads and continues to grow rapidly.

Jacque is well-known for her knack at helping people find the perfect soak, and determined to help hot tubbers get their bubble game together. She released an award-winning book in November 2022 called Hot Tub Clarity – An Easy Guide For New and Frustrated Owners which provided valuable information on proper maintenance for hot tubs.

Jacque also offers one-on-one consulting services where she coaches people about how best to maintain their tubs so they can be happy hot tubbers! And now she is launching Hot Tub Academy – an online course designed specifically for 7.5 million US hot tub owners – this March 2023. This course will provide more detailed information about proper maintenance of hot tubs, as well as other valuable knowledge needed by experienced and inexperienced users alike.

Jacque’s unparalleled passion for helping others maintain their hot tubs is inspiring! From creating informative videos on YouTube™ right up through developing Hot Tub Academy — Jacque The Hot Tub Lady is truly a force of nature who continues pioneering new ways of educating people on caring for their beloved luxury spa oasis!

For more answers to your hot tub questions download the FREE 7-Page Hot Tub Care Guide here: www.thehottublady.co.

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