Southlake Welcomes Clarity Therapy PLLC for Deep Trauma Healing

Southlake Welcomes Clarity Therapy PLLC for Deep Trauma Healing
Jasmine Habeeb, LPC-Associate, hopes to encourage healing in a positive space for Texas residents

Southlake, TX – A new mental wellness resource has arrived in Southlake. Jasmine Habeeb, a recent summa cum laude graduate of Texas Woman’s University, has opened a new clinic just off State Hwy 114. Her counseling services range from everyday support to deep trauma healing. Jasmine is offering virtual therapy for Texas residents and in-person counseling for residents of Southlake and the surrounding area.

Clarity Therapy is open to adults and teens, as well as couples and individuals. While Jasmine offers a wide array of services, she specializes in trauma and PTSD, life transitions, and domestic violence. Jasmine uses a mix of evidence-based, nervous system-focused treatment approaches uniquely tailored to each client.

The Importance of Acknowledging and Facing Trauma

The American Psychological Association defines trauma as “an emotional response to a terrible event.” The National Center for PTSD reports, “Going through trauma is not rare. About 6 of every 10 men (or 60%) and 5 of every 10 women (or 50%) experience at least one trauma in their lives.” Trauma can affect a person’s mental and physical well-being, yet many people do not acknowledge the impact or severity of their trauma.

 Traumatic events come in many forms. Childhood trauma can be abuse at the hands of a family member or bullying at school. Generational trauma can be domestic violence against an ancestor affecting generations of the family. Wartime trauma can be surviving an attack or fighting in the military, affecting descendants to come. Car accidents, witnessing a death, experiencing great loss, homelessness — all of these can be traumatic. And no one trauma is more deserving of care than another.

 From the more obvious effects of PTSD to the lesser-noticed wariness entering a vehicle, trauma responses come in all shapes and sizes. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

 Mental health professionals like Jasmine are dedicated to helping clients recognize, understand, and cope with their trauma. Jasmine specializes in helping clients find coping mechanisms for triggering events and, slowly but surely, face down the event(s) that started it all. After many tangible successes and breakthroughs for clients throughout multiple apprenticeships, she decided to open her own practice to continue helping others with these methods. Growing up in a mixed-race family in Texas, being a daughter and granddaughter to veterans, and teaching special-needs students for several years, she has already overcome many traumatic obstacles and works to continue identifying and improving upon her own blind spots daily.

The Growing Positivity around Mental Healthcare

Mental health was not always in the public conversation. “There is a long-standing stigma around seeking support when life seems to be overly challenging,” says Jasmine. And yet that stigma is steadily declining as folks become more aware of the importance of mental health — and conversations become more open. “Seeing a counselor in every season of your life is an opportunity for you to check your blind spots, work through that difficult relationship, or simply just relieve some daily pressures.” No longer is therapy spoken of in soft whispers. These days, you can find friends and even influencers discussing their latest therapy sessions on Facebook.

 A large reason for the shift is the growing awareness of the benefits of good mental health—and the detriments of poor mental health. Good mental health can lead to enriched coping abilities for stress, improved self-image, healthier relationships, increased productivity, and an overall better quality of life. Meanwhile, poor mental health can lead to fatigue, poor health, constant despair, substance abuse, mood swings, violent behavior and more.

 Jasmine is all for open, warm conversations surrounding mental wellness. She seeks to help more Texans discover the freedom that comes with therapy. “Anyone willing to seek counseling to improve how they show up in the world deserves unconditional positive regard while feeling comfortable and safe in our shared therapeutic environment. Your experience deserves to be heard in a space where you feel you can be unapologetically yourself.”

 And she could not have arrived at a better time. Between the growing conversation on mental wellness and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, therapy and counseling services are in high demand.

Jasmine Habeeb’s Credentials

License: Texas / 90668

School: Texas Woman’s University, 2022

Supervisor: Dr. Carole Gilmore, Texas / 71046

Degree: The University of Texas— Austin / Bachelor of Science, 2016

Jasmine is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate. This means that she has completed a master’s level counseling program and passed the necessary national examinations, but she needs to finish a set amount of supervised clinical hours to become fully licensed.

About Clarity Therapy

Clarity Therapy PLLC offers a range of services, from general counseling and life coaching to generational healing and art-centered counseling. Jasmine uses evidence-based counseling practices tailored to each client’s preference and growth. She explains, “My counseling philosophy and approach to care is individualistic in nature…I discovered some people prefer one approach over another, and some prefer to mix approaches up on a session-to-session basis.” Jasmine refuses the use of scripts in her practice, as well. “Sometimes, scripts can be limiting. We aim for limitless possibilities.”

Jasmine offers her expertise to couples and individuals. Clients can schedule virtual or in-person counseling sessions. Clarity Therapy’s teletherapy sessions allow Jasmine to accept clients from anywhere in Texas.

Currently, Clarity Therapy does not accept insurance. Sessions can range from $125-165. For anyone seeking care who is concerned with costs, “I’m willing to discuss your affordability needs.” Currently, Clarity Therapy offers sliding scale accounts through the Open Path Collective.

Clinic hours are Monday-Thursday, 10-6. Those interested in scheduling an appointment with Jasmine can reach out through Clarity Therapy’s Contact Form, by calling (817) 518-6315, or by emailing [email protected]

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