Fujitsu to Divest Entire $1.1B Air Conditioning Unit Stake; Bloomberg

Fujitsu to Divest Entire $1.1B Air Conditioning Unit Stake; Bloomberg
Fujitsu selling off its entire stake in Fujitsu General and expecting to attract response from private equity firms and strategic investors.

Fujitsu Ltd., a leading Japanese global information and communication technology company, is reportedly divesting its stake in Fujitsu General Ltd.—the unit that manufactures cooling systems.

The declaration came during its quarterly financial announcement in October 2022. The company revealed that it was planning the sale of its stake in non-core affiliates—Fujitsu General, Shinko Electric Industries Co., and FDK.

Fujitsu owned around 50% and 59% stake in Shinko Electric and FDK respectively—as of the end of September 2022.

Not a Partial Divestment

Fujitsu shared plans to sell its entire 42% stake in Fujitsu General Ltd. as the Japanese IT coalition looks to speed up a business overhaul.

Fujitsu General Ltd. shares are worth an estimated ¥140B ($1.1B).

“We have set certain criteria for the sale and aim to sell 100% of the 42% stake,” stated the CEO Takahito Tokita in a recent interview. “We won’t do it halfway.”

Fujitsu Receives Substantial Bids

In line with its divestiture strategy, the company kicked off the auction process after it had found several long-sought customers, such as Bosch. The initial bids for the procurement were submitted by January 20, as decided. 

Fujitsu General received around ten bids from high-profile strategic investors and private equity firms. However, the company has not yet narrowed down the list of bidders, said ION Analytics

Why Is Fujitsu Divesting its Air Conditioning Unit Stack?

The CEO marked the divestiture as a part of the company’s effort to ensure more streamlined operations, reported Bloomberg, a leading financial news website. 

Even though the CEO refused to comment on the negotiations, he said the company was “happy to have interested parties.”

Fujitsu is the sixth-largest technology services provider in the world (based on yearly revenue). In its heyday, this Japanese giant manufactured almost everything—from smartphones and laptops to integrated chips. 

In order to focus more on IT and communication systems, the IT firm is now divesting non-core affiliates and has already sold off much of its consumer product lineup.

For the fiscal year ending March 31st, 2023, the company predicts its operating profit to reach a staggering ~$3.11B (¥400B)—a jump of 83%. 

However, analysts unanimously agreed that the profit will be ~$280B (¥359B). Fujitsu General expects its net sales to rise 37.3% to a total of ~$297.2B (¥390B). It predicts an operating profit of ¥18B for the fiscal year through March this year—an upturn of 113.2% year-on-year. 

In the report, the CEO underscored the COVID-19 outbreak and geopolitical pressures regarding Taiwan as the biggest factors making Fujitsu extremely vulnerable.

According to the report, policymakers worldwide are vying to hold sway over the semiconductor technology used for military purposes. 

According to RF Globalnet, the USA is pressuring Japan to help clip China’s chip industry. In this circumstance, when Fujitsu is hugely dependent on Taiwan’s semiconductors, Tokito said the divestment would help the company prepare for any emergency.

Navigating Carve-out Challenges to Success

Divestiture is a cross-functional process that takes place on a legal, financial, organisational, and technical level. Even though equity carve-out is a standard strategy of business management among consolidated and dynamic enterprises, the permanent split-off of the IT poses challenges to participants. 

Leveraging a high-end IT carve-out consulting service, such as US-based Fission Consulting, can streamline the transaction process and significantly shorten the separation timeline with minimal business disruption.

Wrapping Up

Being at the forefront of hyperconnected business transformation, Fujitsu combines the power of IoT with AI, and network solutions. The aim is to help future-focused companies cope with technological shifts. Regardless of the reasons behind the divestiture, Fujitsu hopes the divestment would help the company optimise business operations while also maintaining the supply chain.

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