The New Book ‘Angels Of The Seven Churches’ By Marie Smith Gives Insights Into Verses People Of faith Need To Know About

The thought-provoking work shares wisdom and knowledge with Christians across the globe.

At a time when evil and uncertainty are growing, a lot of people are looking for inspiration to strengthen their faith. This is where the new book, “Angels of the Seven Churches,” is trying to help. The new book talks about ‘The Seven Golden Lampstands’ mentioned in the book of Revelation to help people understand their faith and develop the light within themselves. Written by ex-army veteran and biblical enthusiast Marie Smith, this comprehensive guide offers a fresh perspective on these angels and their significance today, which many consider the end of days.

While well-read pastors might know about the angels of the seven churches, many ordinary Christians don’t know much about them and their purpose in the grander scheme of things. In this book, Marie draws upon years of biblical study and research to shed light on a subject close to her heart. Thanks to her in-depth analysis of each of the seven churches, readers will better understand them. 

This book is a must-read for anyone interested in biblical studies or who wants to improve their spiritual goals. Marie Smith served twenty years as a Staff sergeant and an Ammunition Inspector in the army before retiring in 1995 and giving her life to the Lord in 1990, before Desert Shield and Desert Storm. She is a charter member of the Women’s Military Service of America Memorial Foundation in Washington, D.C., and a Gulf War/ Desert Shield and Desert Storm veteran. She is a veteran consultant who helps other veterans file their claims at their liaison lawyers American Legion, Disable veterans, and Foreign Affairs.

Her captivating writing style breaks down everything about the verses from scratch. 

Speaking on occasion, she said, “I was always fascinated by the passage (Rev. 1:20) about the angels of the seven churches and the seven lampstands in the seven churches. After putting in a lot of hours to do historical research and speak to experts, I got enlightening insights into these critical verses and now want to share them with the world.” 

“Angels of the Seven Churches” is available now in bookstores and online retailers, including AmazonTarget, and Barnes and Noble.

About the Author

Marie Smith was born in New York State but raised in Quincy, Florida. After graduating from High School at James A. Shanks in 1975, she joined the army and later dedicated her life to the church. She has a strong passion for biblical studies and wants to help people fall in love with the scripture. She loves to write, travel, and spend time with family. She now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with her husband, Darren Smith, and she has two daughters and four grandsons.  

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