Currick Exchang – An innovative crypto trading platform

Currick is an innovative multi-currency digital asset trading platform for the world, with more than 2.1million users around the world, providing stable and secure digital asset trading services for users in 50 countries around the world every day. Currick is located in dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong, and plans to gradually open regional distributed exchanges.  With the help of blockchain technology,  the open, transparent and unchangeable nature of Currick Exchange realizes value exchange across time and space Solve many problems in the current financial industry, improve the collaboration efficiency and profitability of enterprises.

Currick’s diversified trading area has built a unique global digital currency ecosystem, including currency trading, fiat currency trading, options trading, and upcoming leveraged trading, contract  trading,  etc., supporting multiple currencies and trading pairs. As an innovative exchange, Currick has been constantly exploring high-quality digital asset resources around the world to enrich users’ investment choices.

For example, Currick’s Cloud gaming (CDG) project released in October last year can also be called gaming on demand ), is an online game technology based on cloud computing technology, supporting real-time floating profit and loss settlement and regular settlement methods. In the cloud gaming scenario, the game does not run on the player’s game terminal, but on the cloud server, and the cloud server renders the game scene as a video and audio stream and transmits it to the player’s game terminal through the network. Player game terminals do not need to have powerful graphics computing and data processing capabilities, but only need to have basic streaming media playback capabilities and the ability to obtain player input instructions and send them to cloud servers. CDG once it was launched, with a strong performance, with a maximum increase of 200%, exceeding 98% of coins in the same period, and continues to rise, and investors holding CDG have also obtained excess returns.

On the Currick platform, there are many projects like CDG that have development potential and huge room for appreciation. This would not have been possible without the meticulous research behind the Currick Exchange team. Before issuing a new project, Currick Exchange will strictly screen from the fundamentals and professional items of the project, including the project background, white paper, team, operation, etc., and the professional items will be analyzed through market awareness, liquidity, risk, technology, innovation and other aspects. Currick will conduct long-term information tracking and market potential judgment, tap dynamic value, simulate project trends under market dynamics, give objective, reliable and specific project analysis and investment research reports, and finally decide whether to launch on the Currick platform.

The trading experience after the release of the project is also very important, and a good trading environment requires the support of the top technical team. Currick Exchange gathers global technical elites, has a self-developed high-concurrency and extremely fast matching trading engine, more than one million transactions per second, opens a powerful API to support user transactions, helps investors achieve more efficient trading strategies, and provides users with a fast and stable trading environment. At the same time, it covers all trading terminals (PC, Android, iOS) to meet the trading habits of different investors.

With scarce overseas market expansion and operation capabilities, first-class resource integration capabilities and mature financial derivatives development capabilities,Currick Exchange currently has financial business entities in dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong, all of which have achieved localized operations. Occupy an absolute advantage in the local market share and industry resources.

Currick will continue to select high-quality digital assets, fully consider the project background of the trading currency pair, and interpret the core value of digital assets from a more professional perspective Fundamentally protect the profitability and stability of investors’ investment. At the same time, Currick Exchange is committed to establishing a sound traditional industry information sharing and settlement model, optimizing financial payment, promoting the construction of industry compliance system, jointly promoting the green development of the industry, and empowering global finance. 

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