The Power Of NFTs: Kingdom Warriors Leads The Way In Multimedia Entertainment

Eric Skeldon has achieved incredible success in the tech and SAAS sales world, having built a multi-million dollar business that he eventually left, to pursue entrepreneurship. This entrepreneurial spirit lies at the heart of his groundbreaking project Kingdom Warriors™ NFT and Legends of Ileydria film franchise.

What began as a passion for marketing, NFTs, blockchain, emerging tech and creating systems of innovation has become a major multimedia entertainment experience involving digital mini-series. In partnership with Winterstate Entertainment™, Kingdom Warriors™ is making its very own series called “Legends of Ileydria”.

The budget for the film has been funded almost entirely through net earnings and profits from their NFT sales – making this the first time a whole episodic mini-series was created from NFTs and the lore behind the brand!

What’s more amazing is that there are numerous digital challenges held regularly by the team behind Kingdom Warriors™ where thousands of fans from 81 Nations and holders compete in teams with names like ‘Victorious Anomalies’ for prizes including Bitcoin miners, free NFTs, blue yeti microphones, and more to launch many Warriors dreams..

To top it all off, the series will be narrated by none other than John Rhys Davies – who famously played Gimli in Lord of The Rings – bringing even more star power to this already impressive endeavor!

Overall, what started out as Eric Skeldon’s ambition to make life easier for people through innovative ways, has now transformed into an epic entertainment brand. Despite facing many struggles during his school years due to being labeled ADHD, dyslexic and a B & C student; Eric still persevered on his journey towards success thanks to his experiences with the Army as an Airborne Soldier combined with his Business degree from University of North Texas.

It is clear that Eric Skeldon is truly an inspirational figure – not only as a father of five daughters whom he loves raising up bravely, but also as a successful entrepreneur whose passion continues inspiring others around him.

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