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The dark saber serves as a symbol of power for Mandalorians. It is a distinctive and age-old black-bladed lightsaber handcrafted by the first Mandalorian ever Tarre Vizsla. The distinctive feature of a darksaber exemplifies a grasp of power which is quite unusual for a Jedi as it represents selfishness. The owner of a lightsaber is not made to follow but is destined to lead.

At ZIA Saber you get the highest quality real-life sabers. Dissimilar to standard lightsabers, the Darksaber belched a flat blade reminiscent of a traditional sword. It is shorter than a normal lightsaber blade. It emits a higher-pitched sound when activated. Unlike normal lightsabers, it has a twisted, angular hilt design. Other than the difference in its design the power of both the lightsaber and dark saber is the same. This is a significant message given to the fans of star wars that it is never the weapon, or high influence in general words, it’s always the person’s true identity that makes him extraordinary.

Like any other lightsaber, the dark saber also needs a kyber crystal to stay energized with light. The fundamental quality of a kyber crystal is that it responds to the emotions and temperament of its wielder. During the construction of any lightsaber, a Jeidi imparts so much of its personality that the kyber crystal changes its color permanently. But the color of a dark saber is still a mystery. It is the most primitive type of in-universe weapon.

Chronicles Of Darksaber

The history of the dark saber was originally told in the episode “Trials of dark saber” when Kanan Jarus revealed the weapon to Fenn Rau. Kanan Jarrus explained that the dark saber is the symbol for the leader of the House Vizsla. Later on, the group was called the death watch. After Tarre Vizsla passed away the dark saber was kept in the Mandalorian temple. Which was later liberated by a member of Vizsla. 

Dark saber was capitalized on to unite people and to defend them from evils. This saber is a symbol of respect and other clans as well. You can get your replica darksaber at ZIA Sabers 

Currently, the Darksaber resumes wielding a substantial impact on the civilization and chronology of the Mandalorians. As shown in the third episode of Star Wars: Rebels, in which the history was traced and occasions of the Mandalorian civil battle, Sabine Wren briefly comes into contact with the Darksaber, and belatedly employs it as an insignia of power to mount fellow Mandalorian Bo-Katan to the status of notable commander over the Mandalorian race.

Sabine choosing to endow the Darksaber to a companion Mandalorian indicates the importance of a darksaber. As it is a valuable and mighty artefact to the Mandalorians. That’s why when we see Moff Gideon finally in possession of the weapon, it’s all the more haunting to suppose how many Mandalorians expired as their civilization tumbled, and how come none were left to halt their treasured heirloom from plunging into the hands of some sinister.

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