Pop Artist, Shadow, Releases New Single “What time does the bus come?”

Pop Artist, Shadow, Releases New Single "What time does the bus come?"
Shadow presents an inspiring anthem for seizing the day, “What time does the bus come?” Encouraging listeners to take charge and make every moment count!

Los Angeles, CA – February 14, 2023 – Shadow, a pop artist from Springfield, MA, has crafted her debut track, “What time does the bus come?” as an ode to finding peace in chaos. Describing 2022 as a “rough” year – amidst tumult and trials – Shadow found solace through making music which she then showcased at local bars and fundraisers. 

Despite facing tough living conditions in 2022 – job loss, car theft, and a toxic work environment – the artist persevered. In January 2023, Shadow sat down to write her debut single, “What time does the bus come?” as an outlet for peace amongst the chaos, transforming heartache into artistry and striving to find joy amid adversity. After facing a period of confusion and misdirection, Shadow was inspired to write the lyrics for this song. Originally written over a blues track, the lyrics came alive when set against delicate piano accompaniment – better suited for how she wanted to express herself vocally. She recorded it in the comfort of her room before sending it to her engineer – who perfected it through mixing & mastering processes!

Explore your emotions and find hope in uncertainty – the heart-opening message conveyed through her song. Shadow’s lyrical call to action, “Where will my feet lead me?” encourages listeners to bravely embrace life’s journey with belief in a brighter future. Even though we may traverse dark times, she urges you not just to survive but also to thrive; there is always light at every bus stop if one looks closely enough! 

Get ready for the premiere of her upcoming EP – “Do you hear me?” which is set to drop on Spotify in Spring 2023! In the meantime, “What time does the bus come?” is now available on Youtube and Soundcloud.

About Shadow

Shadow is a Massachussets-based artist who struggled to form meaningful connections with those around her as a child. Experiencing difficulty engaging socially, singing became her voice of expression without the fear and hesitation of verbal communication, providing an intimate connection between herself and music. It gave her the confidence and courage to pursue music as a career. Excitement abounds as this young talent sets off on an exhilarating journey into the music industry.

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