Author Wendy Hackey Makes Debut in Children’s Literature With Literary Titan’s Gold Award-Winning Title “When Mommy Is in Heaven”

Author Wendy Hackey Makes Debut in Children’s Literature With Literary Titan’s Gold Award-Winning Title "When Mommy Is in Heaven"
“When Mommy is in Heaven” is author Wendy Hackey’s first published work for children and has snagged Literary Titan’s Gold Award. Hackey’s book is a labor of love and provides young readers with a better understanding of what it means to have a loved one in Heaven. Through her writing, Hackey helps children gain insight into the power of prayer.

“…a fantastically written children’s book to have these challenging discussions with kids.” ~ Literary Titan

Author Wendy Hackey has given young readers and their families a precious gift in her award-winning book When Mommy is in Heaven. Main character Micah is dealing with the loss of his mother in the only way he knows how–with prayer. When young Micah prays for his mother to be able to attend the Mother’s Day Tea Party with him, he finds it difficult to understand why his prayers are not enough to bring her back. Hackey’s book, featured in Psychology Today, helps families cope with loss and offers the reassurance of God’s blessings. Literary Titan states, “I believe this is an exceptional book to be added to anyone’s library and would absolutely recommend this to any families dealing with loss.”

“What an awesome way to comfort children who’ve lost a parent.” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review

About the Book:

In When Mommy is in Heaven, we follow a young boy named Micah who has been given an invitation to a Mother’s Day Tea Party at his school to honor mothers and grandmothers of the students. With much excitement, he gives the invitation to his grandmother, who agrees to attend with him. Micah prays every night that God will allow his mother, who is in Heaven, to attend the party. For young Micah and children like him who lost a parent at a very young age, it is extremely difficult to grasp the idea behind passing and not being able to see or talk to their loved one. This book addresses issues of faith, grief, and loss. It is also about healing and God’s Blessings.

About the Author:

Wendy Hackey is a freelance writer who is inspired to inspire others with her work. She grew up in Washington, DC and currently lives in Maryland. Although her educational background is in visual and performing art, she considers writing to be her true passion, and a gift from God. She is married to her husband of 30 years and together they have three adult children. Wendy is very involved in her church and community. She feels blessed to be a blessing to others by serving in Women’s Ministry and teaching Adult Bible Study. When Mommy is in Heaven, her debut publication was featured in Psychology Today. This book is based on a very personal story; the main character in the book will continue to evolve in her future literary projects. Hackey is currently working on her second book in Micah’s story, When Micah Goes to First Grade. In addition, she is working on another children’s book, The Colors of Me, for her grandson. Both are in the process of publication with possible summer 2023 release dates.

“Perfect for any parent, educator, and/or psychologist looking for a book recommendation on how to explain the death of a parent…” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review

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