Play2Learn And Metahug Launch An Exciting Digital Fashion Design Competition On Roblox

The SaaS platform Play2Learn, which focuses on bridging education into platforms like Roblox, has announced some exciting news.

The educational platform is launching a new experience called MetaHug Marketplace, which is a virtual space for all those budding designers out there. The new experience is a virtual space that will allow people to design their own avatars and new fashion.

Since the days of Charles Frederick Worth who was the first fashion designer of the world, from 1826 to 1895, to Stella Mccartney who designed Meghan Markle’s wedding reception dress, the world of fashion has changed. The MetaHug Marketplace aims to bring fashion designing into the digital world.

Users of MetaHug Marketplace will be able to create their own fashion lines, as well as learning how to market and sell their fashion in a virtual world. They will also be able to open their own boutiques.

To celebrate the forthcoming launch of MetaHug Marketplace, Play2Learn has launched a competition that will take place from 10 am CST on February 17th to noon on February 19th

To learn more about the new Play2Learn experience and the competition, we got together with a spokesman for Play2Learn to find out more.

Tell us about your journey and what is Play2Learn?

The creation of Play2Learn is twofold. 

Growing up, I never felt like the traditional education was a good fit for me.  Of course, in the traditional system, you either are a good obedient straight A student, or you are not a good student. As I got older, I realized how many kids get labelled a certain way, just because they don’t fit the mold of what a model student looked like from the 18th century! That was the beginning of my passion for education.

Fast-forward 30+ years, I am a single mom of 2 kids. Both my 9-year-old and my 4-year-old are part of the staggering statistic of 58 million users a day on Roblox. I started to question how we make screen time more valuable? 99% of my kids’ screen time is either playing video games or watching YouTube of others playing video games. Why are we not educating them on these platforms like Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite, etc. I believe we need to rethink how we educate the next generations. We first need to meet them where they are. And if that is gaming? Then that is where we should start.

In 2022 my partner Joshua Johnson and I created Play2Learn, a SaaS platform that focuses on bridging education into platforms like Roblox. On Roblox, the game is called MetaHug World, which is a learning arcade. MetaHug fosters a learning community in a world that motivates learners with mini-games, learning journeys, badges, leaderboards, and in-game tokens. Kids learn better when motivation comes from sense and emotion. So adding the game mechanics of rewards to incentivize them to learn, without them knowing they’re learning, is key.

You have just made an important announcement about the introduction of MetaHug Marketplace, can you explain more about the announcement?

MetaHug Avatar Marketplace is a studio on Roblox that focuses on avatar creations. Digital fashion is embraced by aspiring and established designers and brands. As one of the critical forms of self-expression in next-generation social spaces like Roblox, where you can be whoever you want to be and take your avatar wherever you go, digital fashion and avatar customization can profoundly affect your self-confidence and relationships. 

MetaHug Marketplace store is a mega-mall with many different styles and matching outfits, with hundreds of outfits to choose from and try on! Showcasing the biggest fashion brands under one roof.

You have said that MetalHug Marketplace will be a studio on Roblox focused on avatar creation, can you explain more?

The idea behind avatar creation is to empower digital self-expression.

MetaHug Marketplace is a double-sided marketplace that empowers buyers and sellers to self-express in the creator’s economy. Our marketplace allows players to try on many different avatar/catalog items for free! You can also create your profile and sell clothing and accessories like someone would on eBay. This helps foster the metaverse creator’s economy. Fueling the growth of digital fashion on Roblox is the entry of some of the world’s most influential and well-known fashion brands. When fashion choices are linked to identity and community, it’s an opportunity for brands to align in new ways with this gen Z and gen alpha.

When will the new experience be available?

We will launch the avatar creation studio in a month with a sneak “Fashion Design Competition” on Feb 17-19.

What age group will it be aimed at, and why should people be interested?

I would say both Gen Z and Gen alpha, age ranges from 5 to 25 years old. My 2 girls are both gen alphas and both are obsessed with avatar creations. Their generation spends more time socializing, creating and expressing themselves in immersive social spaces. You can imagine this means a high demand for digital fashion. Changing their avatar’s clothing at least every week. I know for my 2 girls, self-expression in the digital world is already more important than expressing themselves in the physical world. Having a game that focuses and supports self-expression is needed.

You have just announced a Digital Fashion Design Competition on Roblox during Fashion Week, who is the competition open to, and why have you launched it?

Users must be 7 to 25 years old and submit five 2D or 3D clothing outfits to participate. The competition will take place from 10 am CST on February 17th to noon on February 19th. 

The intention of the game is to introduce role playing as a learning mechanic.  Role-playing can be useful to support children’s problem-solving skills, aiming to help them become more independent and self-confident. Through role-play, children can explore real life situations, develop and demonstrate new skills and improve their capacities to be whoever they want to be. It is the main reason why “role-playing” is the core foundation of our games. We have created environments, in Roblox, that encourage children to use their imaginations by immersing them in role-play activities that involve problem-solving. We are basically modeling problem-solving behaviors for different experiences. Not only that, but we use role-playing to promote social and emotional skills.

In this particular game, we focused on different social role-playing experiences for the users.  For example, to become a fashion designer, they create their own fashion lines, run their own stores, as well as learning how to market and sell their items.  These skills foster the future of fashion entrepreneurs in the metaverse space.

The competition is based not only on design, but also on how well the different competitors market their clothing lines and drive sales during the two event days.  They have to launch and showcase their own clothing lines. In the game, retail stores have been created to foster players who know how to develop their brands.  We want them to learn that marketing and selling is equally important as their talent as creators.

What role does digital fashion have in the fashion world?

For centuries, fashion has been one of the purest forms of self-expression. Digital fashion simply brings this to a new medium. The key benefit of digital fashion is that it gives users control over their online presence more than ever before, as digital fashion platforms offer users multiple ways of self-expression, even more than the physical world has to offer.

You have said that you are looking for sustainability, innovation, and the influence of subcultures, how important is sustainability in today’s fashion world?

We aim to empower sustainability through events like this, as digital avatars are opening up new opportunities for fashion retailers and brands in the physical and non-physical world (on average, the production of digital fashion uses 97% less carbon than the production of physical garments).

According to TechCrunch, an estimated 30% of all manufactured goods end up as waste within months of rolling off the production line every year. And since fashion is the second-most polluting industry, you can just imagine the impact that digital fashion can have. Imagine getting dressed virtually and attending a show in the metaverse. That is how much more sustainable the fashion industry can be.  Shifting all aspects of our lives towards sustainability has to start showing the world and the younger generation “HOW” to do this.  Exciting.

How much exposure will those people who enter and win the competition receive?

We will be giving away a total of 50,000 Robux and first place will receive a year contract with Metahug as a Digital Fashion Designer.

Given the number of people who have made Roblox a central part of their digital life, we will continue to hold competitions to reach the masses. This creates equal opportunity and globally anyone can enter and compete. This gives our platform a better chance to leverage the players into learners.

What type of designs do you expect to see? 

The theme is Fall and Winter, we expect to see a range of styles that are popular on Roblox, this includes, Y2K, Kawaii, Preppy, Street wear to name a few. I am looking forward to new fashion design trends that will start in the virtual world, then manifest it way into real life. 

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