Amy Sinton Announces the Expansion of Its Coaching Services and Will Be Working with SMEs

Amy Sinton Announces the Expansion of Its Coaching Services and Will Be Working with SMEs
Amy Sinton is a life coaching business. Recently, Amy Sinton has expanded services by developing new coaching strategies and taking a new initiative to work with SMEs

Warsaw, Poland – Amy Sinton, is pleased to announce the expansion of coaching services to work with businesses. The new coaching services will now be available for entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and corporates. The coaching aims to help these businesses potentially grow and prosper by providing expert advice on various topics, including marketing, strategy, and leadership.

Amy Sinton expressed personal views about the new development of this decision,

“I have seen first-hand how vital it is for businesses to have a clear vision and roadmap, as well as the ability to execute that plan. This guidance can make all the difference when competing against larger, more established businesses.”

The new expansion is in addition to the coaching services that involve coaching for individuals based on inculcating self-confidence, leadership, and career development and acquainting people with maximum potential.

Consequently, the announcement comes with a pivotal change for the business strategy, which will now provide tailored services to meet the specific needs of businesses. The strategies and techniques presented are based on theory and a step-by-step guide to help entrepreneurs and individuals understand the root causes. The business works on an online platform that allows businesses to connect with experts in these areas to help companies develop a plan to potentially improve communication and leadership skills.


The company Amy Sinton provides Personal life & business coaching. It includes corporate coaching, executive coaching, & coaching small groups of people or individuals.

Amy Sinton

Amy is a certified coach from CoachWise Academy and is known for borderless coaching through online programs for businesses and individuals. A multilingual speaker, Amy has coached in English, Polish & Russian Languages. Furthermore, Amy is a graduate of Harvard Business School.

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