Petrachi Weddings Pushes the Boundaries of Traditional Wedding Photography with Their Unique Reality TV Inspired Wedding Films.

Petrachi Weddings captures events in a unique and modern style, personalizing the photography and videography experience according to the client’s preferences.

How It All Began 

Talking to Manny Petrachi, the founder of Petrachi Weddings, “I have been in the photography and videography business for a while now. I was lucky enough to find a wife that shared similar interests. However, despite us being photography enthusiasts, we were unable to have raw emotions captured during our wedding. Thus in 2020 my wife and I started Petrachi Weddings to make this dream come true for other couples if not ourselves.” 

Embracing modernity with tradition 

The team at Petrachi Weddings takes a unique and modern approach to create wedding films while incorporating traditional elements. The Petrachi team has introduced Reality TV-style wedding videography, giving the couple and their loved one’s a chance to express their feelings and emotions. With this modern approach Manny and his team wish to capture the raw sentiments of all parties involved during the wedding and thus eternalizing them in film, for generations to cherish. 

Prioritizing client comfort 

“My team and I focus primarily on building rapport with our clients, so they can feel comfortable during the shoot. We concentrate on capturing candid moments rather than relying completely on traditional poses. We believe that a wedding should be captured in its true essence and that the most precious of moments lie in between the candid conversations, the stolen glances, that’s what we aim to capture.” 

Manny and his team take pride in their ability to not only provide a fun and relaxed shoot atmosphere throughout the event but also their knack for knowing how and when to tap into the sentimental side of things. 

Manny is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, allowing him to film in and connect with people who speak all of the above languages. 

Services Offered by Petrachi Weddings

Petrachi Weddings offers both videography and photography packages for weddings. Their videography packages include movie, short film, and cinematic experience options, with prices starting from only $2999. 

While their photography packages start from only $499 including engagement, and wedding photography options. 


Petrachi Weddings offers complete photography and videography solutions for couples looking to capture their special day in a unique style. 

The team promises a personalized shoot experience, completely customized according to client preference.  Manny and his team lead a fun and light approach toward shooting to ensure clients feel completely at ease and can showcase their flair and personalities during their wedding shoots. With Manny being fluent in multiple languages, the Petrachi Weddings team specializes in catering to clients whose first language may not necessarily be English. 

Their ability to speak more than one language allows Manny and his team to connect deeper with non-native speakers and provide a more authentic experience. 

For further information or queries, Petrachi Weddings can be contacted via the information provided below. 

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