Unlocking New Perspectives Into Roman Literature through Iter Iuliae

As a high school senior passionate about Latin, Siqi Wu has taken creative steps to introduce her fellow students to examine the often underrepresented role of women in Roman literature and archaeology. To achieve this goal, she has written a Latin novella, Iter Iuliae designed for Latin II and III students and published it on AmazonTM. This novella is not only aimed at helping introductory Latin students become more comfortable with the language, but also serves as an advocacy for recovering the lost voices of women from the ancient world.

Iter Iuliae tells the story of a young girl named Iulia and her journey of self-discovery amid themes of bravery and friendship as she learns to embrace her own voice and becomes a writer.

Set in Ancient Rome, the story revolves around Iulia, who is born into a merchant family and finds solace in reading books. Wu’s central theme of raising awareness about the underrepresented women of ancient Rome, comes to life when lulia meets the three goddesses –  Daphne, Medusa, and Arachne from Ovid’s Metamorphoses in a dream. These powerful figures recount their stories to Iulia and help her understand the importance of female voices being heard in literature. This experience sparks something deep within Iulia, inspiring her to become a writer herself and make more women’s voices heard.

Seamlessly weaving in other themes such as Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the economic status of women, and gender ideology in ancient Rome,Iter Iuliae is written with introductory level Latin but also includes more complex vocabulary related to trade and weaving in Ovid’s writing. This helps give students an opportunity to become more familiar with classical texts while still enjoying an engaging story. It also touches upon sensitive materials that could possibly be triggers to some readers making it necessary for readers to exercise caution when reading it.

Through Iter Iuliae, teachers can lead their classes into exciting new discussions about feminine resilience in ancient Rome while building core language skills in Latin at the same time.

To learn more about Siqi Wu and her book, Iter luliae, visit www.medspaeasy.com.

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