Traders Union analysts publish updated Ethereum Price Prediction for 2030

Cryptocurrencies are assets that are difficult to analyze and predict. Therefore, the predictions are regularly reviewed, taking into account new circumstances. TU analysts published an updated Ethereum Price Prediction for 2030.

Medium and long-term price predictions are adjusted on a regular basis due to the news and updates released by developers. These events have a direct impact, either positive or negative, on the prospects of a digital coin. Traders Union experts reviewed the Ethereum Price Prediction for 2030. In this article, traders will learn about the new price expected in the medium and long term.

What impacts the Ethereum price

Ethereum is the second cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization and popularity among investors behind Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency is not backed by fiat money, precious metals, energies or other assets. Therefore, its price is mostly influenced by demand and supply.

Several factors impact interest and decisions of traders, including the following:

  • Innovations introduced by the developers’ team;
  • Expansion of the area of practical application;
  • Availability of information, number of publications in media and on social networks;
  • Attitude of regulatory authorities towards Ethereum and cryptocurrency market;
  • Past price history.

The medium and long-term price predictions for the cryptocurrency are based on these factors.

How much will Ethereum be worth in the medium and long term?

The price prediction comprises 3 possible scenarios of cryptocurrency development: optimistic, interim and pessimistic. First, traders need to know the medium-term price prediction. Below is the prediction of the price the cryptocurrency is expected to reach by December 2025:

  • Pessimistic prediction – $4,402.
  • Interim prediction – $4,891.
  • Optimistic prediction  – $5,380.

Also, the long-term price prediction was made by TU experts, i.e. until 2030. The results are as follows:

  • Pessimistic prediction – $22,493.
  • Interim prediction – $24,992.
  • Optimistic prediction  – $27,491.

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