Lenercom has started to use the successful approach of their home energy storage systems to meet the demand for mobile energy storage


Recently, Lenercom has released the Lenercom Energon Max, a mobile home energy storage system.

Lenercom is a fast-growing energy storage company that has become a popular choice for European home energy storage products in recent years with its all-in-one home energy storage system. They have established subsidiaries in countries such as Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Nigeria and have been listed by the German energy giant E.ON. The company has a strong technical foundation in the field of safe power storage and has integrated cutting-edge technologies such as automatic fire extinguishing, active safety strategies, and simplified wiring operations into the development of ESS, forming a closed-loop safety system from the system to personnel.

Now Lenercom is introducing these successful experiences into mobile energy storage stations. Recently, they launched a mobile energy storage station, Lenercom Energon Max. The basic configuration of Energon Max is 3000W output power and 3840Wh battery capacity, which is at a higher level among all current mobile energy storage products and can easily cope with various high-power electrical appliances. Of course, you can also connect two Energon Max together, and with the home’s photovoltaic system, form a 7680Wh home energy storage system. To facilitate the diverse use of users between home and outdoor scenarios, the Lenercom team designed Energon Max as a “suitcase” with high-strength pull rods and wear-resistant rollers. This makes it a mobile power station that can be used as a home energy storage system.

Lenercom Energon Max inherits many safety genes from Lenercom ESS. “We know the important impact of electricity on everyone and every family, so what Lenercom is doing is to provide people with a good life with electricity anytime and anywhere. When there is no power grid coverage or the power grid is unreliable due to natural disasters, we can have a good-looking, convenient, and safe electricity option.” said Lenercom CEO Kevin.

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