Wolfmate announces flexible subscription model without function lockdown, leading the fitness revolution

Montreal, Quebec – Wolfmate announces its flexible subscription model without function lockdown. Currently, if a customer is not subscribed, no functions will be locked. In fact, they will only lose access to the classes and program videos.  

Nearly all fitness companies have mandatory subscription policies. If the customers are not subscribed, they will lose access to a majority of functions. For example, Vitruvian currently does not give their users access to their exercise data, unless they are subscribed for $39 per month. 

Tonal also locks their movement library. Without it, users cannot customize their own workout and lose access to training modes, exercise data, and the ability to connect their Apple Watch. More on this here: https://knowledge.tonal.com/s/article/Membership-Subscription.  

On the mandatory subscription models, Wolfmate president Michael Xu said, “They should not lock the functions. Firstly, turning on these functions will incur zero cost for the companies. There is only one intention of these policies: force the customers to buy a high subscription every month, and the companies can make more profit from it. Secondly, these kinds of policies may be illegal. Does the exercise data belong to the customer or the company? If it is the customer’s property, is it legal for these companies to delete or conceal it? We should use advanced technology to the benefit of the customer, not to control the customers.”  

Wolfmate also doubts some of these companies’ claims. Some companies claim they apply AI technology to adjust the weight during the exercising. That requires simple programming, not a real AI application.   

Wolfmate aims to revolutionize the fitness industry in the following ways:

  1. Launch of four smart fitness equipment with digital weight technology.

  2. Ability to rent smart fitness equipment for cheaper than traditional gym subscriptions.  

  3. Flexible subscription. No function lockdown if subscription is cancelled.

  4. Lower subscription fee than the current competitors.

  5. Online coaching service at ⅓ of the price of personal trainers at the gym. 

  6. Development of an AI-powered coach that can customize training programs and nutrition plans, and interact with the users during exercising.  

Wolfmate’s smart fitness equipment has emerged as the industry benchmark, transforming any home into a full-service gym. Our range of smart fitness equipment leverages revolutionary servo motor technology, offering the best in resistance, position and speed control up to 300 lbs. 

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                                                         Wolfmate M2 Smart Fitness Station

With Wolfmate’s smart fitness equipment, users can adapt their workouts to unique training goals, giving them access to over 200+ workouts. Wolfmate offers users smart fitness equipment options at every price-point, ensuring anyone can own their own personal smart gym. 

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                                                         Wolfmate H1 Smart Fitness Trainer

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                                                       Wolfmate H2 Smart Fitness Trainer

About Wolfmate:

Wolfmate is a Montreal-based high tech fitness company, revolutionizing the home gym experience, providing affordable smart fitness equipment and online coaching at a fraction of the price of traditional gyms. Wolfmate leads the fitness industry, deploying the most advanced robot motor technology in all its smart fitness equipment, transforming your home into your gym. Featuring flexible subscription models and personalized online coaching at 1/3 of the price of conventional personal trainers, Wolfmate is here to support your fitness journey every step of the way.

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