Avocado Blockchain Group Is the Leading-Edge and Versatile Blockchain Environment

Designers, artists, musicians, poets, architects, lawyers, and athletes can now truly exploit web 3.0 thanks to Avocado Blockchain group and its highly useful AVO NFTs.

Many newbie firms also do not adhere to the rules and regulations laid down by local and international governing bodies. These companies are often picked up for investigations and are thus delisted.

What is Avocado Blockchain Group?

Avocado Blockchain group is a well-equipped Blockchain environment that offers every single technological feature. These include dApps, NFT, SFT, NTT, and CCI. It is an open-source project that was founded keeping in view the existing legislation of local and international governing bodies. The firm aims to revolutionize upcoming real-world projects by incorporating in them solutions derived from web 3.0. The decentralized platform aspires to increase mass adoption of web 3.0 through the creation of multi-utility applications.

Innumerable Exciting Projects

The firm lays down the foundations of NFT marketplaces that are specific to a particular sector. For example, AVONFT (ART) is a specialized marketplace where artists, musicians, designers, and other creative professionals can auction digital copies of their original work. Similarly, AVONFT (SPORT) is a specialized marketplace for all sports-related material, such as sportsmen cards, digital certificates of sports organizations, fan communities, tickets, and season tickets. Other particularized marketplaces include AVONFT Design for architectural projects and AVONFT Game for cyber gaming projects.

Avocado Blockchain group has laid the groundwork for other prominent structures like AVO Finance, where individuals and new firms can create digital financial organizations such as decentralized and centralized exchanges, NFT- banks, and much more. Another great project initiated by the firm is AVO Charity. This structure makes use of Blockchain technology to ensure unbiased disbursal of charity among needy people. Furthermore, another sublime project of the company includes AVO Studio, a platform that uplifts digital asset creators by providing them with the necessary services required for the creation and marketing of their art. AVO Studio promotes NFTs, SFTs, and NTTs.

Why is AVO NFT Termed As A Next-Gen Marketplace?

The AVO NFT marketplace is based entirely upon Blockchain technology. Its creation using this ultimate tech gives it an upper hand over traditional marketplaces. Firstly, it protects client data and maintains their anonymity. Moreover, every transaction is recorded in a distributed digital ledger with a timestamp which makes these records immutable. Last but not the least, it makes the internet a lot safer place for one to be and makes users feel that they are in control.

NFT Verification Mechanism

Many NFT marketplaces are not well-regulated. This makes it fairly easy for swindlers to copy the visual component of NFTs created and owned by others and pose as if they had crafted it. Avocado Blockchain group puts an end to this problem by introducing three unique verification methods. The foremost of these is the post-moderation mechanism for NFT authors. This mechanism utilizes a neural network algorithm that restricts users from copying another author’s work on posting unethical content.

The second verification mechanism is NFT rarity estimation. Through the use of the OpenRarity protocol, this mechanism allows NFT rarity can be calculated. Lastly, an NFT verification mechanism also mitigates the chances of scams.

Start Earning with AVO NFT

NFT is an ever-growing sector. By investing in AVO NFTs, capitalists have a great chance of going big as these NFTs have great resale value.


AVO is an ERC 20 token used for governing the Avocado Blockchain. The token has a total circulating supply of 100 billion out of which 9% is reserved for the presale, 15% for public sale, 13.5375% for PancakeSwap liquidity, 15% for CEX liquidity, 7.5% for AVO liquidity, 10% for marketing, 10% for the team, 5% for bounty, and the remaining 14.9625% for the treasury.

About the Company – Avocado Blockchain Group

Avocado Blockchain group is a total package. The firm understands the needs of everyday investors and meets their needs by incorporating every aspect of web 3.0 into its structure.

Furthermore, potential investors and web3 enthusiasts interested in Avocado BG can visit the project’s official website, or read their whitepaper to get more details.

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