Ad Infinitum Capital seeks to change the Game for Retail Investors with a Smart Portfolio program.

Ad Infinitum Capital, founded by an ambitious young entrepreneur Howell Zhang, who returned over 50% last year and coded his first video game at 12, seeks to empower retail investors. Having raised millions of dollars, now he wants to take on legacy wealth managers and revolutionize fintech as we know it.

In a recent meeting, this highly motivated young entrepreneur made a lasting impression with his sense of passion and drive. Despite being younger than many of his peers in the industry, he displayed a great level of professionalism and intellect. There were sparkles in his eyes as he introduces to the world an algorithm that he believes has the potential to revolutionize the way we invest. His dedication and determination to succeed in the competitive world of finance makes him a great force to be recognized. At such a young age, he wants to do what banking giant such as Goldman has failed to do after spending billions–breaking into the world of retail investing. 

This visionary founder with innovative ideas makes him one to watch in the coming years. When asked what drives him to try to accomplish this remarkable feat, Mr. Zhang calmly replied, “People who never have wild dreams of disrupting an industry never will, I have a vision to make a difference in this world and leave a lasting legacy, I think this is what life is all about.”

As one of the youngest fund managers in the world with an impressive track record of annualizing over 30% return, having raised millions, Mr. Zhang founded Ad Infinitum Capital, a revolutionary fintech firm based in London, which is shaking up the investment world for retail investors. Ad Infinitum has developed a game-changing innovative portfolio builder that harnesses the power of advanced in-house AI tools built with seasoned valley programmers to provide customized, high-quality investing solutions. 

Ad Infinitum’s mission is to revolutionize how retail investors approach the financial market. What sets them apart is that with a simple and intuitive interface, investors can input their specific information and investment goals. The algorithm builds a tailored combination of assets from a database of over 4,000 financial instruments, taking into account changes in macro policies. The result is a personalized investment portfolio tailored to each investor’s unique needs and goals. It is like each client having a team of professional wealth managers, without the need for millions in minimum assets. 

“We believe high-quality investing shouldn’t just be for the wealthy or institutions. Our goal is to empower every retail investor with the tools and resources they need to make informed, confident investment decisions.” – said Mr.Zhang, founder and CEO of Ad Infinitum Capital

In addition to the portfolio builder, Ad Infinitum offers four flagship strategies with proven track records of delivering annualized returns of over 30 percent. These strategies include Global Fixed Income Fund, Next Gen Tech Growth Fund, Long-Short Alpha Fund, and an All-Weather Fund. Each fund leverages Ad Infinitum’s proprietary AI tools to maximize returns.

“At Ad Infinitum, we’re committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and the best investment products on the market. Our focus on innovation, transparency, and performance will make us one of the leading fintech firms in the industry.” –  said Mr. Zhang.

The young founder’s vision is to disrupt the investing scene and the fintech industry as we know it. With the recent opening of the fund to public investors, he has many uphill battles to fight but may very well be poised to lead a revolution in the fintech world.

About Ad Infinitum Capital

Ad Infinitum Capital’s signature product is its smart portfolio builder, which harnesses the power of AI to create customized portfolios for each investor. The technology considers each investor’s specific information and investment goals, building a portfolio tailored to their needs. The company’s approach is designed to level the playing field, providing everyone with access to the same investment opportunities regardless of their net worth. Ad Infinitum Capital is committed to delivering ultra-low fee, high-return investment services to retail investors, making it easier for everyone to reach their financial goals. With its innovative fintech solutions and commitment to empowering retail investors, Ad Infinitum Capital is poised to be a leader in the financial industry for years to come.

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