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Internet, though in the mainstream for almost two decades now, is still growing at an exponential rate. It’s pretty evident from the increase in the number of websites. As of 2022, per verified and trusted reports, the total number of websites stands at a whopping 1.6 billion, of which 15-18% are active. In such an expanding space, the idea of a short URL becomes all the more vital.

If we were to look at popular websites around the globe, they usually have short URLs. Though it’s not always easy to remember, the concise nature of the URL makes it trustworthy and appear safe. And experts worldwide agree with the idea. The shorter the URL, the better it’s likely to perform. But there’s a limit to the number of URLs, which puts small businesses and individuals in a slightly tricky position. A critical question arises at this juncture, whether to acquire a short URL at a high price or go with a longer one that costs low.

The good news, Internet users don’t need to go with the latter anymore. With there being a bunch of reliable and cost-effective URL shorteners, one can save big time while not compromising with trust and security. When we talk of URL shorteners, the first name that comes strikes is, a user-oriented and pocket-friendly alternative to the other options in the market. Remember, it does a lot more than simply providing a shortened version of the URL. is one of the most advanced URL shorteners and amongst the few that offer a free trial. The free trial lasts two months, a sufficient period for users to identify whether a URL shortener actually works for them. Also, there are four other plans, starting as cheap as $0.5 a month and going up to $10/month. 

Those using URL shorteners for quite a while have been all praises about it. It leads to higher sharing, a better click-through rate, uses fewer characters, can be used to track how the link performs, and monitor traffic. While all five are equally vital, the benefits of using fewer characters are apparent even in the short run. Say, a business intends to publish a promotional blog that’s chargeable per word. Links usually take up a lot of characters, thus increasing the overall publishing cost. But with a shortened link, you save a significant sum while also getting a better response from readers because the community has grown accustomed to these types of links, and if we were to believe some surveys conducted in the recent past, actually prefers it over the conventional and lengthier counterpart. is presently emerging as the perfect option when it comes to a link shortener. With optimal pricing, more number plans, easy to use interface, a quick setup time, and the ability to monitor link history, will be the only link shortener one will ever need. So, try today!

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