Loss, Grief and Survival – Dr. KD Wagner’s Newly Released Book Helps Readers Deal With Sudden Tragedy

Safety Harbor, FL, USA – February 16, 2023 – Author Dr. KD Wagner has now released her new book, JEFFREY: The Injustice of Murder. It is the first installment in The Next Day Came Trilogy. The book shares Dr. Wagner’s true story of dealing with the loss of her son Jeffrey, who was murdered. While providing crucial insight on how she dealt with such a sudden and shocking tragedy, Dr. Wagner also points out unjust loopholes in the American legal system pertaining to violent crimes and murder.

JEFFREY: The Injustice of Murder has been deemed a must-read for people who are dealing with loss of any kind. By opening up to the readers and bravely sharing the intimate details of her struggle, Dr. Wagner offers a brutally honest and unfiltered look at sudden loss, and the immense grief it causes. By sharing her journey and her path to recovery, she helps readers understand how love can be the healing force for all grief and sorrow in life. In addition to her personal journey, Dr. Wagner also sheds light on the glaring discrepancies in the American legal system, along with problems in the United States Law Enforcement, that made it difficult for her to get justice for the murder of her 18-year-old son. Refusing to let the pain win, Dr. Wagner has written this book to commemorate her son’s life, while also celebrating the sacred and innate love between a mother and her son.

Dr. KD Wagner is the #1 best-selling author and a nationally and internationally notable public speaker. She is highly proactive about helping people overcome life-altering incidents such as loss of a child, sudden tragedy, addiction and grief. As a writer, speaker and volunteer, she is highly proactive about bringing awareness to issues such as gun violence, struggles of veterans and their families, coping with learning disabilities and more. Dr. Wagner also devotes her time to the American Gold Star Mothers Inc. by serving as the President of their Florida Gulf Coast Chapter.

The Next Day Trilogy is a complete documentation of Dr. Wagner’s journey of dealing with loss, as she lost her son Jeffrey to murder, and then also lost her 24-year-old son while he served in the U.S. Navy. By serving as a living example of love’s healing power, Dr. Wagner is helping her readers overcome adversity, develop a renewed perspective on life, and thrive. Dr. KD Wagner is available for interviews.

JEFFREY: The Injustice of Murder is now available on Amazon.com.

Book Preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BSSMRNCH

About Dr. KD Wagner: https://www.limitlessresilience.com/about

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