Children’s Novel by Richard Rossi and Kelly Tabor, “Lucy & the Lake Monster” Set to Hit the Big Screen in 2023, Authors Confirm

Richard Rossi and Kelly Tabor are excited to announce the film adaptation of their children’s novel, “Lucy & the Lake Monster” has progressed to the post-production stage and is being prepped for release anytime soon

Children’s books have become a major part of the literary world providing entertainment for both children and adults. With thousands of new titles hitting the shelves each month, parents and children alike are in for a world of exciting and entertaining reads. One such read is “Lucy & the Lake Monster,” a children’s novel written by Richard Rossi and Kelly Tabor. The book was released in 2022 and quickly became a family favorite and the authors are thrilled to present more exciting news. While families have not gotten over reading the book, the authors have announced the film adaptation of Lucy & the Lake Monster has entered the post-production stage and will be hitting their screens soon.

The movie features a star-studded cast and crew including Emma Pearson as Lucy, Richard Rossi as Papa, and Kelly Tabor as Miss Marino. Others include Lori Francisco-McVicar, D.G. Peltan, Shawn Patrick Greene, Wallace Edwards, Porter Hanchett, Hawk Prime, Lisa Burke, Justin DiNatale, and a host of fine actors and actresses. These all bring the pages of the book to life with brilliantly conceptualized scenes, plots, and twists. “There will be cameos from three big celebrities in Hollywood,” director Richard Rossi said. “The audience would not see these cameos coming and when they do, their jaws would definitely drop.”

Lucy & the Lake Monster movie is a cinematic masterpiece. With stunning visuals and an engaging storyline, “Lucy & the Lake Monster” is a must-see film that will capture the hearts of audiences everywhere. Lucy & the Lake Monster follows the story of Lucy Lago, a nine-year-old orphan who believes that Champ, the Lake Champlain Sea Serpent, lives and lurks in the lake by her cabin in Crown Point. She lives there with her grandpa, who she calls Papa. Despite the mockery and mercenary forces opposing them, Lucy and Papa determine to venture out on their rickety rowboat and bring awareness of America’s Loch Ness Monster to the world.

Co-written by Academy-Award-considered filmmaker Richard Rossi and retired school teacher Kelly Tabor, “Lucy and the Lake Monster” is a children’s series and soon-to-be feature film that masterfully illustrates how to overcome mental health challenges like worry, depression, and anxiety with childlike faith.

“For me, growing up in Crown Point was magical,” explained Kelly Tabor. “Hearing stories of our legendary Champ, captivated my interest as I swam and explored the shorelines and waters of Lake Champlain. As a teacher, I later took those stories and experiences I had with me into the classroom and shared them with hundreds of students over the years, piquing their interest.”

Lucy & the Lake Monster is a timeless story that appeals to both children and adults alike. The novel and its movie adaptation offer a unique and exciting adventure that is engaging and entertaining for all ages. The fascinating plot, relatable characters, and immersive setting make the story an exciting journey that captivates the imagination of both kids and adults. From the beautiful landscapes to the captivating storyline, “Lucy & the Lake Monster” is a cool and captivating adventure that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone.

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