Unleashing the Power of LOMA BF1 G800 Mercedes-Benz G-Class Widebody

The LOMA BF1 G800 Mercedes G-Class Widebody is a pinnacle of opulence and dynamism within the automotive sphere, showcasing a bold and audacious design, coupled with an unrivaled level of power and expert craftsmanship that sets it apart from its peers. This latest offering from LOMA represents the quintessence of the brand’s unwavering devotion to delivering a seamless amalgamation of luxury, performance, and German engineering.

As CEO Mario Radosavljevic unveils this masterpiece, the BF1 G800 Mercedes G-Class Widebody serves as a testament to LOMA’s unrelenting pursuit of perfection and their vision to lead the luxury automotive industry. The first BF1, affectionately known as the “BlackforceOne,” made its debut at the esteemed German Essen Motorshow in 2009, displaying its BiTurbo C6 Corvette Widebody form, armed with a staggering 792 horsepower, thereby solidifying its place as the world’s fastest Corvette. The widespread appeal of the BF1 caused a 40 million visitor influx to LOMA’s website, resulting in a server crash that marked the initiation of the brand’s stratospheric ascent over the past two decades.

LOMA proudly announces the launch of its latest creation, the next generation of supercars built upon the legendary Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG platform. This latest offering from LOMA, after over a year and a half of meticulous planning and development, represents the brand’s commitment to delivering the finest in both performance and style. The LOMA Mercedes BF1 G800 widebody supercar is a true masterpiece, encapsulating the tenacious spirit of the brand through its timeless design and unrelenting pursuit of performance.

For 2023, LOMA introduces a new and dynamic aesthetic with the vibrant “Tiffany Turquoise” hue at its core, inspired by the timeless elegance of the Tiffany Patek Philippe, which can be seen across the brand’s products and website. This lush and captivating color is beautifully accented on the BF1 G800 paired with the ever-popular “Liquid Beluga Black Supergloss” exterior color, creating a truly distinctive look that embodies the aggressive luxury at the heart of the LOMA brand. The LOMA BF1 G800 features genuine air openings at the front, designed to keep the engine cool, especially in the scorching temperatures of Dubai, where temperatures can reach up to 131°F (55°C). This attention to detail extends to all components of the BF1 G800, ensuring maximum performance and engine longevity, whether one opts to upgrade their stock Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG with the stunning widebody or opts for the complete LOMA BF1 G800.

With a commitment to delivering only the finest in performance and style, the LOMA BF1 G800 Mercedes G63 AMG Widebody boasts an impressive wheel and tire package. The wheel arches, enlarged on each side, accommodate rim sizes of 24 x 10 inches on the front, paired with 295/30 ZR24 tires and 24 x 12 inches on the rear, accompanied by 355/25 ZR24 tires. The 24-Inch LOMA GTC Aerospace Forged Wheels in a “Liquid Beluga Black” finish enhance the iconic silhouette, while the addition of exquisite dry carbon fiber elements, such as the new bonnet, expertly crafted to accentuate the signature design of the Liquid Beluga Black chassis, creates a genuinely distinctive appearance for the Geländewagen.

Complementing the sophisticated design of the 24-Inch LOMA GTC Aerospace Forged Wheels, the LOMA BF1 G800 Mercedes G-Class Widebody features an expertly engineered suspension system, including specially crafted lowering springs. These springs seamlessly integrate with the air suspension, bringing the vehicle 45 millimeters closer to the ground for a heightened driving experience that delivers superior handling, even at high speeds on the open road.

The rear of the BF1 G800 boasts a state-of-the-art Carbon Diffuser, contributing to reduced drag and heightened stability at high speeds. The entire rear bumper has been reimagined, shifting away from its offroad roots to better serve the car’s true purpose – delivering thrilling city rides that can shake coffee cups when parked at chic cafes in Beverly Hills or Dubai.


Introducing the LOMA BF1 G800 Mercedes G-Class Widebody, a true masterpiece of luxury, performance, and German engineering. With over a year and a half of meticulous planning and development, this latest offering from LOMA embodies the brand’s unwavering pursuit of perfection. The iconic “Tiffany Turquoise” hue is beautifully paired with the “Liquid Beluga Black Supergloss” exterior, creating a unique and captivating look. The genuine air openings, expertly engineered suspension system, and 80-millimeter LOMA down-pipe and valve-controlled exhaust system ensure maximum performance, even at high speeds. The 24-inch LOMA GTC Aerospace Forged Wheels in “Liquid Beluga Black” finish, carbon tailpipes, and launch ambient lighting add a fierce touch to the AMG sound, declaring your love for speed and performance. The Carbon Diffuser at the rear of the BF1 G800 contributes to reduced drag and heightened stability, making for thrilling city rides. Experience the pinnacle of opulence and dynamism with the LOMA BF1 G800 Mercedes GClass Widebody.

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