Dementia Careblazers Shares the Best Ways to Care For People with Dementia

Dr. Natali Edmonds, the CEO of Dementia Caregivers helps caregivers avoid common caregiving mistakes.

Caring for someone with dementia can be challenging. There is emotional pain of watching someone you love lose their thinking and physical abilities. There is also frustration and overwhelm about what to do when the person with dementia shows “strange” behaviors such as believing things that aren’t true. Many caregivers don’t want to wait months for an appointment to figure out what to do. That’s where Dementia Careblazers comes in.

After working for a large hospital for over a decade, Dr. Edmonds realized that caregivers deserve access to help much sooner- without having to wait months. Now, Dementia Careblazers hosts the leading dementia care training channel on YouTube sharing care approaches that help make caregiving easier and less overwhelming.

Rather than just giving generic care advice, Dementia Careblazers explains how to personalize approaches to specific caregiving situations. For example, a common piece of dementia advice you’ll find online is to redirect the person with dementia when they start doing something “challenging,” such as asking to go home when they are already home.

What most people think is redirection, is actually just distraction and it often makes the situation worse. The caregiver might try to offer them a snack, distract them with a TV show, or respond and say “you’re already home.” Those common responses typically makes the person with dementia more upset and might lead them to mistrust the caregiver.

The board certified geropsychologist says redirection can be a good strategy, but when it’s attempted too quickly without acknowledging, reassuring, and showing the person with dementia that you care about what they are saying, it’s technically just distraction. Connecting, listening and reassuring before redirecting helps convey to the person with dementia that the caregiver is there to help.

Dementia Careblazers was named the 2022 caregiving organization of the year and helps caregivers learn to apply the best care approaches to their situation. While not a replacement for healthcare, they help fill the gaps between healthcare appointments.

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