From Army Veteran to Entrepreneur: The Journey of Zona Facta Co-Founder Justin Dennis

From Army Veteran to Entrepreneur: The Journey of Zona Facta Co-Founder Justin Dennis

Justin Dennis, an Army veteran and a former police officer, is one of the co-founders and managing members of Zona Facta, a veteran-owned security company with a mission to provide quality services. Since launching in late February 2022, the company has expanded to multiple states and is continuously improving, with Dennis attributing their success to their dedication, innovative thinking, and openness to exploring other options. The journey to establish Zona Facta wasn’t easy, but the five co-founders, including Dennis and his friend Jacob Scroggins, found early success and are thrilled with the direction the company is heading.

When Dennis was approached by Scroggins with the idea to start a security company with three other veterans, he didn’t hesitate to say yes. Though he had already served in the Army and was pursuing a career in law enforcement, Dennis saw an opportunity to use his skills and experience to help create something special. Today, Zona Facta is a testament to the founders’ hard work and dedication, with plans to expand even further in the future. Dennis is excited to see what lies ahead for the company and is proud to be a part of it.

Aside from his role at Zona Facta, Dennis is a licensed realtor in Colorado and a car enthusiast. He also has a personal fitness goal of going to the gym every day for 90 days, which he is currently working towards and sharing his progress on Instagram. As a father, Dennis also has a strong motivation to succeed in his various endeavors, with Zona Facta being a source of pride and inspiration for him.

With a focus on quality services, innovative thinking, and hard work, Zona Facta is a shining example of a successful veteran-owned business. As Justin Dennis and his co-founders look towards the future, they are eager to continue growing and expanding their portfolio. With Dennis’ personal fitness journey and various other interests, he is a well-rounded individual whose drive and ambition will undoubtedly propel him and Zona Facta to even greater heights.

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