A Book To Change The Perception Of Women For The Sake Of A Better Tomorrow, By Victor Machado

A Book To Change The Perception Of Women For The Sake Of A Better Tomorrow, By Victor Machado

Victor Machado Bàrtoli, a mechanical engineer graduate, change-maker, visionary, and the publisher of Managing for Quality in Life, is here to present his new book Women in Power Men Adrift to further enlighten the readers.

Victor Machado graduated as a mechanical engineer in 1968 from Texas A&M University. In 2006, he released a book titled “Managing for Quality of Life.” He wrote this book with college students, politicians, and other leaders in mind, especially Venezuelans who may have been interested in learning more about the ideas and procedures that assist a nation in producing employment, safety, and effective public services.

After using his book as the foundation for workshops and conferences in the Bahamas, Canada, Mexico, Peru, the USA, and Venezuela, he noticed, with deception, that many countries are ruled by models different from the one he proposed in his book. That is when he decided to write Women in Power Men Adrift, a fiction novel in which some extraordinary women take power to transform the world, sending men adrift for the damages they caused to people.

The novel highlights fictional yet realistic characters—some exceptional and extraordinary ladies  who take charge to change this world by tackling disruptive norms and the value that has been engraved in the minds of many societies and this modern world.

It is not about just being a woman. The story is more about being empowered, embracing to accept the change, and be focused. The author is knowledgeable and crafts the story beautifully from the start to the very end. Each of the chapters and the sequences throughout the pages seems to come alive and will keep you glued to your seat until you finish reading the novel.

There are many definitions, variations, emotions, sentiments, humor, laughter, and pain hidden between the lines. It specifically tells the challenges and issues almost all women face in this modern world while competing with men and other unprivileged minds that perceive women as nothing or less competent in this world.

Furthermore, the novel has many sweet and alluring twists and turns that lead to a satisfying yet inspiring conclusion. All and all, you will love to be a part of such an incredible team of extraordinary women.

So do get your hands on this impressive novel which is available on Amazon for purchase. Also do not forget to check out the Spanish version of the same novel which is also available on Amazon for the grabs!

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