Makoons Earns The Best Playschool For Kids Award

Makoons has been bestowed the Best Playschool For Kids Award for excellent performance on all key parameters.

Makoons, the place where kids develop academic and social skills, has received the Best Playschool for Kids Award. Makoons employs a unique methodology that helps keep children engaged and boosts their self-confidence.

“We are delighted to have won the Best Playschool for Kids award,” says the spokes person for Makoons. “Our passion for excellence and innovation in preschool education is unmatched, and that’s why we strive to provide the best academic experience to all our students. With our innovative approach to teaching, our children develop self-confidence quickly and grow up to become responsible members of social groups.”

At Makoons, the faculty are handpicked for their diverse abilities and skills and commitment to nurturing students to become responsible citizens of tomorrow. The playschool offers a curriculum that stands apart from others as it encompasses various subjects.

At Makoons, the curriculum also covers music, arts, science, technology, literacy, numeracy, and physical exploration.

Makoons understands that every child has unique needs and their own way of grasping what is taught to them. The primary job of the academic team at Makoons is to identify the unique characteristics of each kid and understand their behavior.

This approach helps them provide personalized attention to the kids and nurture their intrinsic characteristics and skills. By sharing information about the skills and characteristics of the kids with their parents, they help in the overall development of the children not only in school but at home too.

Makoons employs experiential, hands-on learning methods to improve how kids adapt to play school and the teachers.

Makoons choose their faculty with care. They have highly qualified teachers who apply a research-based approach to teaching. They view children as tomorrow’s leaders and make sure they get experiential, hands-on learning based on their individual needs. The classroom sessions at Makoons help to bring out the best in the kids every single time.

The faculty is also trained in developing the confidence level of children at a young age. They are taught the art of grabbing opportunities and excelling in their chosen fields. Kids are given many opportunities during the interactive teaching sessions to be independent in performing self-help skills. They learn to make decisions on their own and become more confident when they make the right moves repeatedly on various tasks.

“We make sure kids work to become more and more self-sufficient, the spokes person added.“A learning environment at Makoons focuses on each emphasis, bringing out the important topics to life for young li’l minds.”

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About Makoons

Makoons is a preschool that functions in the spirit of a family where the children enjoy the feeling of being at home away from home. They feel happy and comfortable here as the teachers help each child develop and realize their full potential. They help the kids begin their long journey to becoming responsible adults.

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