Author’s new book “Severed Roots” receives a warm literary welcome

Author's new book "Severed Roots" receives a warm literary welcome

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Dystopia book “Severed Roots” by Nego Huzcotoq, currently available at

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“Reviewed By Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

Severed Roots by Nego Huzcotoq is a timely dystopian novel that touches on a contemporary social issue regarding sex and gender equality and makes a bold prediction as to where a matriarchal society could lead. Picture a world run and managed by women where the rates of violence have been greatly reduced as the result of men becoming sidelined. It all sounds so promising. Nick Wong is part of the male populace and is a product of an education system that prohibits any form of patriarchy. On the other hand, Beatrice Tender has been conditioned by feminist philosophies that would never give back power to men who they refer to as ‘mankeys.’ Nick finds Beatrice to be different, as she respects his ideas, and he then discovers that he can truly care for another person. But society will not allow their mutual feelings to bloom.

I make a bold prediction that Severed Roots may well become a classic in the tradition of 1984 and Brave New World. As the story revolves around the notion of feminist totalitarianism, Nego Huzcotoq powerfully explores the unseen disease of an ostensibly utopian world in which violence is almost eradicated and the citizenry appears content, but sacrificing freedom in its wider sense makes the system deplorable. This novel is highly interesting as it illustrates the dangers of radicalism and fanaticism. Huzcotoq sends the message that no single ideology has the power to save us successfully, and this theme is what makes the story so thought-provoking. It could even stir drastic reactions because it will likely strike a nerve. This is not a complex read and it is sure to leave a lasting impression. It’s a tale that I will not forget, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever contemplated the concepts of gender, sex, and equality.”

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