Black Fairies Do Exist In the World of Ridius in ‘Sunshine & The Battle of Ridius’ by Nikita Davis

Children’s book author, Nikita S. Davis shares a world of Black fairies with special powers and the evil forces searching to harness them.

Detroit, Michigan – Step into the magical land of Ridius with ‘Sunshine’. Nikita S. Davis announces the release of the fictional realm of Ridius. Illustrated to have a black girl/ fairy as the main character the book shares a story of the fairy’s special powers due to her gift of special blood. With this publication, the author hopes more little girls can imagine themselves as superheroes. ‘Sunshine & The Battle of Ridius’ is available for purchase through the official Barnes & Noble site.

‘Sunshine  HYPERLINK “″& HYPERLINK “” The Battle of Ridius’ by Nikita S. Davis explores a fantasy realm of fairies. The main character is illustrated as a black fairy named, ‘Sunshine’. The book navigates Sunshine trying to escape evil forces seeking to harness her power.

‘Sunshine & The Battle of Ridius’ is published by Barnes & Noble exclusively and is eligible for the platform’s Kid’s Club Membership. This 28-page book is appropriate for children ages 9-12 years old seeking a fantasy world with mystical creatures.

The mastermind behind the story and fictional realm is not afraid of embracing the unknown in reality. Nikita devotes her life to being a psychic intuitive medium. The children’s book, however, was created with her now 13-year old daughter in mind. Nikita explains, ” I have had this story idea for many years and finally took the jump to get it published and get it out there to the world“. Tales from Nikita Davis’ mind are safe spaces for those who enjoy new worlds and creatures. ‘Sunshine & The Battle of Ridius’ is the first book in the ‘Capriea academy of magick  HYPERLINK “″& HYPERLINK “” ancient arts’ series.

‘Sunshine & The Battle of Ridius’ (ISBN: 9798765579381) is available now at Barnes & Noble for $17.99. For special book readings or business inquiries please contact Nikita Davis directly.

About Nikita S. Davis

Nikita S. Davis is a children’s book author who is excited to share her latest release, ‘Sunshine & The Battle of Ridius’, which features a world of Black fairies with special powers. With her book, Davis hopes to introduce young readers to a magical land filled with adventure and imagination.

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